Watch: Protesting Remainians Abuse Grandmother Who Voted For Brexit

protest brexit
Footage from Saturday’s ‘anti-Brexit’ protest shows the aggression of Europhile marchers and widespread ignorance of the institution they profess to love. Thousands of people marched in London to protest the result of Britain’s referendum on the country’s membership of the European Union (EU). Videos from the march, filmed by independent journalist Graham Phillips, show a lone Leave supporter being abused by pro-EU demonstrators. What is also notable from the footage is that despite the protesters’ enthusiasm towards the EU, they appear to have little knowledge of it. At the protest, a woman called Jane peacefully stood up for ‘Brexit’, the referendum choice backed by a majority of the British people. Holding a sign reading “Leave”, the coach driver was heckled and told to “go home” by angry marchers. Standing quietly, the grandmother was confronted by an aggressive woman asking her why she was holding a “Leave” sign. Mr Phillips quipped “Why not?” and told the pro-EU protester that “there’s freedom of speech in the UK, freedom to protest.” “Trouble is these people” the Europhile woman said, furiously jabbing her finger at Jane, “are overriding us”. Jane explained why she was at the march, quietly expressing her support for ‘Brexit’. She