WATCH: Right Wing Politician Tells Migrants ‘Hands Off Our Women!!!’

Hands Off
“Dear asylum seeking gentlemen”, starts a new video produced by Austria’s Freedom Party (FPO) teaching would be migrant rapists some Western culture basics, starting with the meaning of the word “no”. While the video — which involved a casually dressed party member and a blonde-wig wearing mannequin — has been criticised, its creator has said it addresses an important point. Throughout the one minute short, which begins “swimming pool season is nearly upon us… here are a few rules of conduct”, narrator Armin Sippe uses props and flash cards to explain proper etiquette. While a placard on a stick tells migrants considering bothering Austrian women in both German and Arabic “no”, the mannequin is crudely wheeled into position. Explaining to keep their distance, Mr. Sippe instructs watchers to resist the temptation “for example in a nightclub, harassing women, touching them on the bottom or even the breast” because it understandably makes them feel uncomfortable. He says not to look at women in a way that may provoke, or to harass them. For illustration, he grabs the appropriate parts of the model, reports Spiegel. Moments later, a not so subtle warning to those who might be tempted to have a feel anyway