Wendy Davis on CO Shooting: GOP Candidates ‘Dangerous Rhetoric’ Is ‘Fueling’ this ‘Behavior’

Monday on MSNBC while discussing the shooting at the Colorado Springs, CO Planned Parenthood clinic that resulted in the deaths of three people, former Texas State Sen.Wendy Davis, the senator who in 2013 filibustered to block legislation that would restrict abortion, warned of “dangerous rhetoric” fueling these incidents. Davis said, “You know, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered about who this person truly is, and what his state of mind at the time was, but we do know that when he was taken into custody, he talked about dead baby parts. This is part of a political rhetoric, a very dangerous political rhetoric, that we’ve been hearing from most candidates on the Republican presidential primary side, and I think it is fueling this kind of behavior that we saw in this individual last week.” She added, “I think that both sides of the aisle, all political candidates, and all office holders, have a responsibility to understand and be very careful with the language that they use. We see this often in political contests where people will dog whistle to voters and use terms, highly charged terms, that they know will appeal to people’s fears and