Who’s ‘Nexit’? As The ‘Patriot Spring’ Sweeps The Continent, Europeans Call For Their Own Referendums

Citizens and populist parties across the European Union (EU) have congratulated the UK on her vote to leave the political bloc, and are being encouraged to hold their own membership referendums as the populist ‘Patriot Spring’ sweeps the continent. Countries including as Austria, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Denmark are calling for referendums on their own membership of the EU, as well as on issues such as the migrant allocation policy and the euro. Front National leader for France, Marine Le Pen, stated in the European Parliament that the UK’s vote was a “signal of liberty and freedom to the rest of the world”, and that she “commit[s] to pursuing the path of liberty [for France] – to be a free people”. Here’s a look at Europe’s most emboldened member states, dissatisfied by the EU’s push for ever closer union, looking to challenge the authority of the political bloc and take back their sovereignty. Denmark – ‘Danexit’ Movement – Danish People’s Party (DK). Denmark’s second largest party, which, along with two other right-wing parties, supports the Liberals in the minority government. Key figures – Kristian Thulesen Dahl (left) leader of the DK. Aside from the recently-liberated Britain, Denmark is the least integrated into the politico-trading