Why Donald Trump Has the Perfect Presidential Temperament, Part II

Donald Trump
Everyone says Donald Trump is crazy, so I decided to test their theory and challenge the assumption that he is made of the wrong temperament. I run Republicans Overseas in the UK; we have to process the Trump victory; we think he’s being misrepresented. The political elite, along with the media and their regular pundits, have been so busy picking on words — evaluating Trump according to their own personal standards — that they keep missing what is happening before their eyes. Across the board, no matter the group, they have applied their own elitist standards of how one should behave and how one should speak. No matter how wrong they have been, it seems they care more about being right than analysing how our culture has changed and how the voters have spoken. At least CNN’s Quest for Business attempted to attribute the demise of our culture going all the way back to Jerry Springer. The main criticism of Trump is his personality, not his temperament. Trump’s personality and tone do offend some people; however, after knocking out 16 competitors, perhaps these critics might have been better served analysing his successes rather than judging his behavior. So, for those