WSJ: Chelsea Bomber Rahami Planned Jihad ‘In Plain View’

FBI agents walk around the roof outside an apartment during an investigation at a building Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, in Elizabeth, N.J. FBI agents are searching the apartment that is tied to Ahmad Khan Rahami, wanted for questioning in the New York City bombing. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)
FBI evidence against Ahmed Khan Rahami, the main suspect in a string of bombs in New York and New Jersey last week, heavily suggests Rahami did little to hide his plan, including testing explosives in broad daylight. The Wall Street Journal argues that a number of points of evidence revealed in the charges against Rahami, including a video found on a relative’s mobile phone and numerous purchases under his name on the trading site eBay, indicate that Rahami was operating “in plain view” with little concern about being caught. “It’s pretty hard to imagine he built all these bombs and nobody noticed anything,’’ a senior law-enforcement official told the newspaper. The video showing Rahami testing an explosive is the most damning evidence. The Wall Street Journal identifies the relative carrying the video as one of Rahami’s sisters, and notes that the video has been confirmed to have been shot in the family’s backyard in Elizabeth, New Jersey. An explosion can be seen in the video, law enforcement sources say, following by “laughter” and Rahami appearing on camera to pick up the remnants of the bomb. Rahami built and planted at least eight explosives in Seaside Park, New Jersey; Elizabeth, and the Chelsea