‘Yeah, Baby!’ Liz Hurley Backs Brexit, Slams Cameron Over Turkey And Migration

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The actress, model and underwear designer Elizabeth Hurley is getting behind Brexit, using her social media presence to campaign for Britain to leave the European Union (EU). The Bedazzled and Austin Powers star began her personal Brexit push earlier this month June, when she urged her half a million followers on Twitter to register to vote. “Every vote counts #Brexit”, she added on the micro-blogging site. Soon after she began retweeting messages from Vote Leave, the official campaign to leave the EU, and its leader Boris Johnson. Beautiful graphics: Beautiful sentiment #VoteLeave #Brexit pic.twitter.com/8sN9Q3WARr — Elizabeth Hurley (@ElizabethHurley) June 19, 2016 The issues of immigration and the accession of new member states appear to be of particular interest to Mrs. Hurley. “Corbyn tells the truth: being in the EU means unlimited immigration. Shame Cameron kept ducking the question,” she tweeted yesterday, after the Labour leader’s blunt admission on the Andrew Marr show this Sunday. She has also retweeted supposedly “controversial” messages from the ‘Leave’ camp about Turkey. “Will @David_Cameron provide an answer today about whether he still supports Turkish membership of the EU?” she retweeted. Adding: “Gove: It is official British Government policy not to have a referendum on new countries joining”,