Youth Festival Claims Sex Attack Epidemic ‘Has Always Existed’ in Sweden

Sweden’s youth festivals have always been plagued by an epidemic of sex attacks, according to the events manager of a festival where a number of children reported sexual abuse over the weekend. “I’ve called around, speaking to people who went to festivals in their youth to ask how the situation was at the time,” said Per-Erik Söderström, coordinator of 2 Days in Umeå, a festival for youths aged between 13 and 17. “And they all say that it was exactly the same, the only difference is that girls were not reporting this kind of thing before.” The attacks are a “societal problem” for Sweden, he told SVT, adding: “Somewhere, we have failed, if girls are unable to feel safe when they go out and dance.” Girls as young as 12 targeted — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) June 10, 2017 After multiple attacks were reported at 2 Days in Umeå last year, the festival took steps to prevent a recurrence, which included moving DJs to the middle of the dance floor to reduce crowding at the front of the stage, and deploying a larger number of staff, more visibly, who would help young people subjected to sexual abuse and assaults. “We