Protection From Cold and Hot Wars, Cyber and Currency Wars

We are living in an extremely uncertain world – perhaps the most uncertain in most of our lifetimes.

In this rapidly changing and uncertain world – there are many new and emerging risks and we believe it is vital to stay informed.

These include cyber and currency wars, terrorism, cold and indeed very hot wars

The threat posed by cyber war to our increasingly complicated, technologically dependent and vulnerable financial institutions, markets, banks and indeed deposits becomes more clear by the day.cyberwar

Banks’ “archaic technology systems” are unable to cope with the demands of modern online banking according to leading experts – let alone hacking by terrorists or hostile nation states.

The risks posed to our paper assets held digitally and our digital currency by hacking, cyberterrorism and cyberwar remains very under appreciated.

Our modern western financial system with its massive dependency on single interface websites, servers and the internet faces serious risks that few analysts have yet to appreciate and evaluate.

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Currency wars and competitive currency devaluations continue and if diplomacy does not prevail, then ‘beggar thy neighbour’ trade wars and currency wars will intensify with attendant consequences for the already vulnerable fiat currencies and our modern financial monetary system.

An intense Cold War has recommenced and there is the possibility of this degenerating into a very hot war and actual conflict and war between large nuclear armed nations such as Russia, China and the U.S.


Terrorism, whether non state or state sponsored poses a real risk to all nations. A single dirty nuclear bomb in a suit case detonated in New York or London could bring down the world’s financial system.

It is an increasingly risky world and yet these risks are far from appreciated. Our research covers breaking news and important views on the precious metal and wider financial markets and helps you better understand the risks of today.

While many will say the risks will not materialise, we believe that it is prudent to be aware of and take appropriate measures to protect your wealth with the financial insurance that is gold and silver.

We believe in helping our clients to understand the increasing risks of today and believe that owning physical bullion coins and bars in the safest jurisdictions in the world will again protect and grow wealth in the coming months and years.


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