Obama Touts Job Growth, Pushes for Budget in Weekly Address

In his Labor Day weekend video address, President Barack Obama the economic progress over the past five-and-a-half years and made a push for Congress to pass a new budget by month’s end. Transcript as follows: Hello, everybody.  I hope most of you are gearing up for a long weekend with family and friends – maybe some barbeques, road trips, or fantasy drafts.  But I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about the real meaning of Labor Day – a day we set aside every year to honor the hardworking men and women who fought for so many of the rights that we take for granted today. The eight-hour workday, 40-hour workweek, weekends.  Overtime and the minimum wage.  Safer workplaces.  Health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and retirement plans.  All of those gains were fought for and won by the labor movement – folks who were working not just
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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: UKIP Leader Nigel Farage’s Emotional Interview About Deceased Kurdish Child

Nigel Farage
The United Kingdom Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage has spoken to Breitbart London at length about the European referendum campaign and the EU’s ongoing migrant crisis. The full video, released on Sunday 5th September, features the following clip that shows Mr Farage getting deeply emotional about the death of the young Syrian child found washed up on a beach in Turkey earlier this week. Nigel Farage talks about his own children, and how the German and broader European response will likely lead to more incidents such as the one featuring Aylan Kurdi and his family. In the longer interview, Mr Farage discusses the EU referendum campaign, Jeremy Corbyn, and his views on the European migrant crisis. WATCH: 
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Muslim Countries Refuse to Take A Single Syrian Refugee, Cite Risk of Exposure to Terrorism

Muslim countries
Five of the wealthiest Muslim countries have taken no Syrian refugees in at all, arguing that doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism. Although the oil rich countries have handed over aid money, Britain has donated more than Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar combined. Between 10 and 12 million Syrians have been displaced by the bloody civil war raging in their country. Most still remain within Syria’s borders, but around four million have fled over the borders into neighbouring countries, mostly Turkey Jordan and Lebanon, and beyond. Lebanon, which has 1.1 million Syrian refugees, shut her borders to the Syrians in June of last year. Jordan, host to another 630,000, followed suit in August last year, preventing more Syrians from abandoning their country. By early August 2015, European states had received nearly 350,000 asylum applications from Syrians, nearly a third of whom applied to
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Weekly Address: This Labor Day, Lets Talk About the Budget

In this week’s address, the President recognized Labor Day by highlighting the economic progress our country has made, and underlining what needs to be done to continue that growth. Our businesses have created 13.1 million new jobs over the past five and a half years, the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in seven years, and seventeen states across the country have raised the minimum wage.

The President stressed that to continue this progress, Congress needs to avoid a government shutdown that would hurt middle-class Americans and pass a responsible budget before the end of September. The President emphasized that Congress should not play games with our economy, and instead pass a budget that invests in our middle-class and helps those who work hard and play by the rules to get ahead.

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Rush: Hewitt’s Questions To Trump ‘Further The Narrative’ Republicans ‘Aren’t Bright’

Rush Limbaugh 29 Thumbnail
Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Hugh Hewitt’s questions to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump were “designed to further the narrative that Republicans are just not bright” on Friday. Rush said, while discussing Trump’s interview and George W. Bush’s similar interview, “This was even done to Reagan, folks.  Reagan was running for president.  He and the other candidates were asked if they knew the names of various obscure heads of state. These questions are never asked of Democrats, by the way.  Make note of this: The question that Trump got, Democrats will never get those questions in the normal ebb and flow of things.  Hillary will never get them.  Clinton will never get ‘em. Never did.  It’s just… They are questions that are designed to further the narrative that Republicans are just not bright; they’re just not hip. And when it works on one of them, then every other Republican is
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