Carson: ‘The Syrians Want to Be in Syria’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” after meeting with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said it was his belief Syrian refugees there wanted to be back in Syria. Discussing what he learned, Dr. Carson said, “Well, you know, it was always wonderful to see things firsthand and to have an opportunity to actually go to the refugee camps and to some of the medical facilities. And I actually talked to the people, not only to the Jordanians who are incredibly generous in terms of their support of refugees, and that’s been the case for decades now, but also to the Syrian refugees themselves to find out what they think about the whole situation, whether their wants and desires. The Syrians want to be in Syria. They want to be repatriated in their own country. And they are looking for a mechanism to get there. But in the meantime, the facilities that have been offered to them here in Jordan are very satisfactory. When I asked them what Americans could do they said if Americans could support those facilities to a greater degree because they have much more capacity here in Jordan and I suspect in
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Andrea Mitchell: Trump Is ‘Lighting Fires, Turning People Against People’

Andrea Mitchell
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” after an interview in which Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump strongly stood by his claims thousands of American Muslims celebrated on 9/11, veteran chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News Andrea Mitchell accused Trump of “turning people against people.” Mitchell said, “It’s not only that that didn’t happen. Two-hundred thousand Syrian refugees are coming. It’s not only that the facts are wrong, it’s that what he is saying is so emotionally and politically powerful. He is lighting fires. He is turning people against people. He is misstating the facts of what’s happening domestically, what’s happening with Muslims. The kinds of facts he is misstating are so much … incendiary.” She added, “But the fact is that Trump is posing that he can take care of people and raising people’s fears as you said it is incendiary. I think that the fact of truthfulness doesn’t matter.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN
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Chuck Todd, Donald Trump Battle Over NJ Muslims Celebrating 9/11: You’re Running for President ‘Truthfulness Matters’

Donald Tump
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump got into a heated exchange with host Chuck Todd over Trump’s claims there were thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the Twin Towers going down on September 11, 2001. Todd said, “Let’s go to this Jersey City comment. you said you saw this. nobody can find evidence of this. And, more importantly, the article that you tweeted out that says — that this backed you up, that in itself there were three or four different reports that month in New Jersey that said it was a myth that was spread, that it was a false rumor, FBI, you name it. where did you see this?” Trump replied, “Chuck, I saw it on television. so did many other people…in the area. I also heard Paterson. I’ve heard Jersey City, I’ve heard Patterson. It was 14 years ago but I saw it on television. I saw clips and so did many other people and many people saw in the person. I’ve had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump organization saying ‘we saw it, it was dancing in the streets.’ And, by the way, The Washington Post, now he
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British Public Increasingly Sceptical Of Man-Made Climate Change, Poll Finds

man-made climate change
A poll published on the eve of the United Nations COP21 environment summit suggests the British public is increasingly sceptical of the case for man-made climate change. The Sky Data survey shows almost one in five Britons believes natural processes as opposed to man-made carbon dioxide emissions are the cause of global warming, reports Sky News.  This marks a major change from a similar poll commissioned by YouGov just two years ago, which showed only one in 14 expressing a belief that human activity is not responsible for climate change. The Sky Data poll evidencing doubt in man-made climate change is badly-timed for Prime Minister David Cameron and another 150 or so world leaders due to attend the United Nations COP21 summit in Paris. One of the aims of the summit is to push for concrete commitments to big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve the stated UN aim of limiting the rise in average global temperature to 2C, it is projected that worldwide emissions will have to be cut by 40-70 per cent by 2050, and by 100 per cent by the end of the century. However, the survey suggests Mr Cameron will struggle to sell any resulting climate deal to Britain, especially if it increases household bills. 54 per cent of the British public oppose so-called ‘green
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