Santorum: Kim Davis Is ‘Heroic’

Republican presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum praised Rowan County, KY clerk Kim Davis (D) for her “heroic” refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day.” Santorum said, “Well, there’s lots of issues surrounding this. And the first one is, why are we putting someone in jail because they have a religious objection –.” When asked if he thought the fact that the clerk’s office was issuing license for same-sex marriage, Santorum responded, “we have a situation where the United States Supreme Court, in my opinion, acted unconstitutionally. And it’s not just mine, it’s also Justice Roberts’ opinion. He said that the court acted without any constitutional support to do this.” Santorum added, “the obligation of, — I believe of a president, of a Congress when the court acts unconstitutionally, and I believe they have acted unconstitutionally, is to use the power that is inherent
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Adam Carolla Responds to Bill Maher: ‘Racist’ to Assume All Whites Are Wealthy

On his podcast earlier this week, Adam Carolla reacted to HBO’s Bill Maher calling GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and other Republicans racist for wanting to deport illegal immigrants, specifically Mexicans that have crossed the U.S.-Mexican border. Carolla pointed out that liberals or progressives, such as Maher, saying the deportation of all illegal immigrants is not a real problem that exists and deporting them would theoretically cause the price of lettuce to increase tremendously because there would not be anyone in the United States to do the work. “[Liberals] all think white people just head right to Princeton, Harvard and Yale. They don’t live in the real world. All the white dudes I went to school with all got into construction and what we did was day labor work. Thats all we did. Because we’re poor and come from parents that are poor as well.” “This weird thing that we keep selling
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West Wing Week 9/4/15 or, "Let's Go to Alaska!"

Welcome to a very special Dispatches edition of West Wing Week, where we go behind the scenes as the President travels in Alaska to shine a spotlight on what Alaskans in particular have come to know, that climate change is one of the biggest threats we face, it is being driven by human activity, and it is disrupting Americans’ lives right now.  During the visit, the President shares his experience with people around the country first-hand, even going behind the camera himself. Follow along as he travels to Anchorage, Seward, Dillingham, and Kotzebue, and becomes the first president to travel above the Arctic Circle. 

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