Jeb: U.S. Combat Troops May Be Required to ‘Inspire’ Int’l Effort Against Islamic State

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, reacted to a question from show host Alisyn Camerota about how Bush if he elected president would handle the threat from ISIS and if that strategy would require U.S. ground troops. Bush did not commit to saying he would send U.S. forces into that theater, but he did say it could be a possibility if his military commanders saw it as necessary. “Fifty special operators is 50 better than what existed before,” Bush said. “But it’s not a strategy. A strategy would be how do we mobilize support for the remnants of the Syrian Free Army? And it might require combat troops to inspire an international effort. I would let the military commanders give the commander-in-chief options rather than tell them what you want to hear. And so not having gotten those options, I can’t tell you if we are going to have boots on the ground but certainly, a more expanded role for the special operators would be essential. And being more effective in strikes as it is relates to the air.” Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor
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Morell: ‘Environmental Damage’ One Reason US Avoided Hitting Islamic State Oil Wells

Former CIA Director Mike Morell stated that there “seemed” to be a determination not to hit oil wells controlled by ISIS, partially because such strikes would create “environmental damage” on Tuesday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Charlie Rose.” Morrell said, “So, prior to Paris, there seemed to be a judgment, right? I don’t sit in the Sit. Room anymore, but there seems to be — there seemed to have been a judgment that, look, we don’t want to destroy these oil tankers because that’s infrastructure that’s going to be necessary to support the people when ISIS isn’t there anymore, and it’s going to create environmental damage, and we didn’t go after oil wells, actually hitting oil wells that ISIS controls, because we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure, right?” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett
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Brokaw Proposes Five-Cent Gas Tax to Fund U.S. War on Terror Effort

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw lamented the idea of deploying troops in the Middle East to combat ISIS, which has made repeated threats to the United States and its western allies. Brokaw argued it was “immoral” to rely on the military that constitutes 1 percent of the population. Therefore, he proposed a five-cent gas tax to serve as a reminder to the public and to finance the effort. “Everybody’s saying, ‘Oh, we got to send more troops.’ That’s 1 percent of our population — 1 percent. I’ve said it here before: I think it’s immoral for a democracy to send 1 percent of its population in a uniform into harm’s way over and over again. So I would start with a five-cent gasoline tax. So every time you go to the pump you have to think about what’s going on elsewhere. We’re going to have to finance this. It’s going to be very expensive at the same time. And it is long curve. (h/t Newsbusters) Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor
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Report: Emails Show CNN Reporter Coordinated with Hillary Camp to Attack GOP

Looks like we might have a smoking gun email proving what we’ve known for years: that CNN really is the Clinton News Network. As though watching the network isn’t proof enough of this, in order to embarrass Republican Senator Rand Paul and put a positive spin on Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi troubles, emails Gawker claims it received through a Freedom of Information Act request, appear to show a high-profile CNN foreign affairs reporter coordinating directly with Clinton’s State Department. According to the emails, Elise Labott, the foreign affairs reporter recently suspended for bias, worked directly with Clinton aide Phillip Reines to craft two tweets that were eventually published by Labott: one slamming Rand Paul, the other involving a specific quote from Clinton proclaiming her transparency during the Benghazi investigation held by the Accountability Review Board, a board of Clinton appointees. The Daily Caller first reported in-depth on the emails: Labott appears to pick up on a previous conversation she was having with Reines during the Benghazi hearing, asking him: “are you sure rand paul wasn’t at any hearings?” Five minutes after sending that email, Labott sent Reines another message sharing what she had tweeted about Paul. — Sen Paul most critical
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Gold Market Goes Quiet – Do We Hear The Echo Of The Bottom?

Demand for gold is soaring according to the World Gold council’s latest report. The report shows that overall worldwide demand for gold rose by a very significant 33% with the US, Europe, China and Russia all stocking up and pushing demand. Central bankers, lead by Russia, are stocking up aggressively. With fundamentals like these, why […]

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