Roland Martin to Bill O’Reilly: ‘Shut the Hell Up‘ on Black Lives Matter

Wednesday on TV One’s “News One,” host Roland Martin went on a rant against Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly  for calling the Black Lives Matter movement a hate group because Minnesota Black Lives Matter protesters chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” after the execution style murder of a Texas deputy this weekend. Martin said, “I don’t recall you Bill O’Reilly ever saying that you are going to take out police brutality. I don’t recall you ever saying that you are going to take out police corruption. But all of a sudden you want to take out Black Lives Matter movement because you don’t like the fact that they are out there protesting.” Martin listed several cases where he believes police brutality was at play and said,  “When are you going to use your voice and platform to go after cops. When are you Bill O’Reilly going to tell
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Limbaugh: Trump Movement Exposes Low Regard Conservative Intellectuals Have for Ordinary Americans

Wednesday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh discussed the backlash within certain conservative circles to the candidacy of GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Limbaugh specifically focused Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, who unleashed a scathing attack in the Journal earlier this week aimed at Trump and his supporters. According to Limbaugh, however, Stephens and his ilk miss a broader point that Trump isn’t about conservatism, but “American-ism.” “What I also believe fervently is that all of this support for Trump, this movement, whatever you call this that’s happening with Trump, it’s not about conservatism,” Limbaugh said. “And that doesn’t bother me.” Limbaugh went on to deconstruct what Stephens motivations were for such an attack and explained it comes from how he and others within the so-called conservative movement view Americans. “This is the perfect illustration of the problem that so-called conservative intellectuals are having with the Trump insurgency or the Trump campaign,
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Graham: I’ll ‘Do Revenue’ on Debt, ‘Close Many Tax Loopholes,’ and ‘Increase The Rates on Hedge Funds’

South Carolina Senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said, “if you’re looking for a Republican, Joe, to do revenue, count me in” in a discussion of his tax policy, elaborating that he would “close many tax loopholes” and “increase the rates on hedge funds,” but “I’m not going to generate more revenue for the government unless we pay debt down with it” on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Graham said of fellow candidate Dr. Ben Carson, “he’s so nice and most people are jerks in this business. I mean, at the end of the day, he’s conducting himself in a fine fashion, but you don’t want to take the VA and give it [to] the Department of Defense. He suggested we do that. What I suggest is you give every veteran a card to go to the doctor and hospital of their choice if the VA doesn’t serve
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Begala: Dick Cheney a ‘Manipulative, Dishonest, Political Sociopath’

Tuesday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,”  long-time adviser to President Bill Clinton and CNN political commentator Paul Begala called former Vice President Dick Cheney a “political sociopath” for saying President Barack Obama is responsible for the rise of ISIS because of the effects of the complete pull out of U.S. troops from Iraq. After a clip of Cheney, Begala replied, “Amazing. what a valuable piece of videotape. That is a portrait of a political sociopath… I went and looked up on the Mayo Clinic website the description of that disorder and it fits Mr. Cheney to a T—inability to ever express remorse, error—manipulative, dishonest. This point about ISIS, for example—ISIS exists because of the invasion of Iraq. Iran is stronger because of the invasion of Iraq. We invaded Iraq because Mr. Cheney twisted intelligence to try to persuade the country to invade a country that was no threat to America. Now
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In Alaska, President Obama Takes Over the White House Instagram

As Air Force One neared Anchorage, Alaska, President Obama grabbed a shot of Denali from the window. Just that day, the tallest mountain in North America was given back its native name.

During his visits to Seward, Dillingham and Kotzebue, President Obama is seeing the effects of climate change firsthand and is sharing it directly with Americans across the country. For the first-time ever, the President is taking over the White House Instagram (and personally taking the photos!) to give you a look inside the trip, from the window of Marine One to a selfie with survivalist Bear Grylls. You can also check out his video updates and daily travelogue on Medium.

Take a look at what the President has posted so far and double tap his photos if you agree we need to take action on climate change. And be sure to keep following along at


Spectacular view from Marine One as we near Seward. -bo

A photo posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on Sep 1, 2015 at 4:49pm PDT



My new competition.

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A spectacular end to day two in Alaska. -bo

A photo posted by The White House (@whitehouse) on Sep 1, 2015 at 11:51pm PDT


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Christie: ‘Every Death Iran Causes Is on Barack Obama’s Head’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” Republican presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said now that President Barack Obama has secured enough support in the U.S. Senate to uphold the nuclear agreement with Iran, he’ll be directly responsible for any bloodshed that is a result of the deal. Christie said of the Senators that are supporting Obama’s deal, “Everything that Iran does to foment terrorism in the world, attack Israel, attack America is their responsibility as well. I hope they are ready to live with it.  I hope they are ready to live with it the conduct of people who are the largest state sponsors of terror in the world. I hope they are ready to live with the conduct of people who say they want to wipe Israel off the map. I hope they’re ready to live with the conduct of people who say we are the Great Satan. There
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