Watch: NH Voter Describes Hillary as ‘Bitchy’ During Bloomberg Focus Group

In a clip that aired on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday of a Bloomberg Politics/Purple State Strategies focus group, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton got low marks from one voter, in particular for her demeanor. The voter with the name tag “Shannon” explained that Clinton’s demeanor could hurt her with male voters. “I think that can put off a lot of male voters,” she said. “You know when she’s — I don’t want to use the word, but bitchy. That like, ‘Women need to be equal.’ I just — I don’t feel unequal.” Other participants in the group referred to her as “condescending.” (h/t RNC Research) Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor
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‘Integration Has Failed’: Danes Changing Laws to Exclude Foreigners From Citizenship

The immigration ministry will be one of the most legislatively busy in Denmark this parliament, with 17 legal changes put forward to make it tougher for foreigners to get citizenship. While many of the new laws proposed may seem harsh, they have been formulated with the best interests of the nation at heart. Heavy emphasis is now placed on the ability of foreigners to integrate and contribute in Danish society, giving hope to fellow Europeans but casting doubt on the status of the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees moving up through Europe from Africa and the East. Speaking at the opening of parliament in Copenhagen yesterday, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen outlined how up until this point, integration had been allowed to utterly fail in Denmark. He told the chamber: “We need to speak openly about the fact that there is a difference between being a refugee and being an economic migrant. We can never cope with a mass migration that is borne upon the desire for a better life, regardless of how understandable that desire is”. “Thus far, integration has failed. Of all the immigrants from non-Western countries, not even a half are employed. Even though many have been
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Criticism Of Merkel’s Mass Migration Policy Builds At Home

One by one German Chancellor Angela’s Merkel’s political allies are questioning her touch. Ever since she announced to a startled world in mid-September that Germany would take anywhere up to 800,000 refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq, Merkel seemed to rise above any criticism of the decision. That tide is beginning to turn and Merkel’s problems are building at home. Breitbart London today reports that her popularity in the polls is dropping as “German UKIP” is rising. It doesn’t end there. Wolfgang Schäuble, Merkel’s finance minister, said in an interview with broadcaster ZDF on Sunday that Europe needed to restrict the number of people coming to the continent. “We need to limit the influx to Europe,” he said. “We can’t manage this task at a national level anymore.” “The EU will do that very quickly now, above all with Turkey,” Schäuble added. Lorenz Caffier, of Merkel’s own Christian Democrat Union (CDU), added his voice when he claimed that as many as 1.5 million refugees could arrive in Germany by the end of this year. He told the “Welt am Sonntag” newspaper that many of the federal states were “at their limit.” The political statements came as right-wing activists with the PEGIDA group gathered to
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