Explosion In Germany Kills At Least One – Authorities Blame ‘Device’

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At least one person has been killed and at least 10 are injured after an explosion at a wine bar late on Sunday in Ansbach, near the southern German city of Nuremberg, a police spokesman has confirmed. +++ EIL +++ Möglicherweise Anschlag in #Ansbach https://t.co/psJ3aGYTQ0 pic.twitter.com/w9YO5fUwPh — BR24 (@BR24) July 24, 2016 The spokesman had no immediate information on the cause of the blast, which followed the killing of nine people by an 18-year-old gunman in Munich on Friday. It was first reported at 10:12 p.m. CET (4.12 p.m. ET). A spokesman for the Bavarian Interior Ministry initially said it was unclear if the blast was accidental or intentional, but sources including the local mayor now suggest an explosive device was detonated. The BBC has reported that Interior Ministry sources have too confirmed the explosion is likely to have been “intentional”. A nearby music festival with around 2,500 attendees has now been shut down, and speculation is emerging on social media platforms that a man was seen to have been turned away from the festival just moments before the blast. The details have not yet been confirmed. BREAKING – Local mayor in German town of #Ansbach says deadly explosion at
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Trump Opens Up In Sunday Interview: Cruz ‘Life In Politics Is Over’

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump spoke to Mark Halperin, a host of The Circus — the weekly political program carried on Showtime — about his reflections on the Republican National Convention that ended Thursday in Cleveland, including the controversy surrounding the speech delivered by his rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).
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Syrian ‘Refugee’ Machetes Woman To Death, Injures Two More In Germany

A woman has been killed by a Machete-wielding male in Reutlingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany today in a brutal attack that saw another two injured. While there are no exact details of motive to the attack yet, pictures uploaded to social media show a young bearded man in the process of being arrested and German police have told media that the perpetrator was a “Syrian refugee” who “acted alone”, reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The killing started this afternoon in a local snack-bar according to reports in Sueddeutsche Zeitung after a “dispute” broke out between the perpetrator and others. The paper reports one woman has died, while another woman and a male are injured. The attack comes less than 48 hours after an 18-year-old German Muslim killed nine in a shooting rampage at a McDonalds in Munich, Bavaria. More follows
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Brazile: People At The DNC Will Be Fired Or Resign Over Leaked Emails

Sunday on ABC’s  “This Week,” while commenting on Wikileaks releasing 20,000 emails that were stolen from the Democratic National Committee’s servers that showed a bias for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, a vice chair of the DNC and campaign strategist Donna Brazile said some will be forced to resign over the leaks. Partial transcript as follows: STEPHANOPOULOS: And Donna, you get to go first today, because there’s all kinds of trouble on the convention floor here. You’re also vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. You just heard Bernie Sanders say right there that Debbie Wasserman Schultz should resign over those emails, over that bias against him. Will she? Should she? DONNA BRAZILE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, first of welcome to Philadelphia. I’m very excited to be here. This is going to be an exciting convention. Now we’re now having 18 million tiny cracks. We’re actually breaking the glass ceiling. So now that I’ve gotten that… First of all, as vice chair, I went over yesterday to see the Sanders campaign. And I apologized. I think, the allegations, the emails, the insensitivity, the stupidity needs to be addressed and we are going the address it. STEPHANOPOULOS: So, what does that mean? BRAZILE: It
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