Limbaugh: Trump Built the ‘Coalition’ the GOP Claims to Want — Now They Are ‘Badgering,’ ‘Bashing’ It

Wednesday on his radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh argued that New Hampshire Republican primary winner Donald Trump won by building a coalition of voters that went beyond just conservatives, which is something the GOP has claimed was necessary to win elections in this era of American politics. Limbaugh referred to exit polling as proof, noting that he had voters from every demographic and that conservatives were just a small part of this “coalition.” “Here’s Trump running against everything going on in Washington and declaring that what’s going on in Washington is incompetent and being performed by a bunch of hacks that are only in it for themselves, and he’s put together a coalition that covers every group, demographic and otherwise, that you can think of.  And among the smallest in his group is conservatives.  That’s why he can win big in New Hampshire with taking not very big percentage of the conservative vote because his coalition is so big and made up of so many other different groups of people.  He won only a third of the ‘very conservative’ vote.  ‘Among evangelical voters, Trump and Cruz were basically tied.’ Who in the world would predict that?  Who
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Kasich: Take Education and Medicaid Out of Washington, Don’t Hire New Federal Employees

Associated Press
Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich expressed his desire to give Medicaid and education responsibilities to the state and the federal government to stop hiring new people on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.” Kasich, while discussing balancing the budget, said, “I want to ship welfare, job training, infrastructure, education, and Medicaid all out of Washington. And I want the federal government — no more — don’t hire any new employees, if somebody retires, you don’t replace them.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett
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Peruvian Cardinal Slams UN as ‘Modern-Day Herod’ for Pushing Abortion During Zika Crisis

The Peruvian Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, archbishop of Lima, has blasted the United Nations for encouraging Latin American governments affected by the Zika virus to allow abortion, comparing the organization to a modern-day King Herod, who ordered the slaughter of babies at the time of Jesus’ birth.
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Carl Bernstein: Sanders ‘Character and Principle’ is ‘Clobbering’ Hillary

Carl Bernstein
Wednesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Watergate-famed journalist Carl Bernstein said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is losing to her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) because of character, to which he described has led to him as “clobbering her.” Bernstein said, “Well, I think it might not be wise if it literally is to be more aggressive about Bernie Sanders. She is running a terribly flawed campaign as a terribly flawed candidate. And she has got to find her voice and get her record and her persona out there. It’s a great record of a lifetime. He has put forth his character, his movement, and it’s gotten traction. And he’s clobbering her. This is an election between the two of them that really is about character and principle. Obama just gave a great speech in which I would think he was saying to both the Democrats and the Republicans, hey, calm down. Let’s have a fact-based debate. And right now, Sanders has run a campaign that seems to have captured the zeitgeist. And the Hillary Clinton is really flailing and looking for an opening. And the real opening, I think, is the record of her life. Mistakes, excess baggage, all of it.
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