Rush: WDBJ Shooter ‘Revved Up’ By the Media

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Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that the WDBJ Shooter was “revved up” by the media’s coverage of the Charleston church shooting on Thursday. Rush said, “Now, this Vester Flanagan guy. He also said that the Charleston shooting is what got him. That was the final straw. So he went out and bought a gun a couple days later.  He bought the gun legally, by the way. And he went out, got the gun, and — now, who hyped the Charleston incident?  What was noteworthy about the Charleston shooting to you?  I’m gonna tell you what it was noteworthy to me about. You know what I couldn’t believe about that?  You know the one thing that stood out about the Charleston shooting to me?  I’ve never seen it before or since.  The unilateral, immediate forgiveness of the shooter by the families of those victims that were shot in that church.” He
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Cornel West: ‘Love Deficit,’ Not Race Motive for Journalist Shooting

Activist and professor Cornel West told Carol Costello on Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom” that a lack of love is behind the murder of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, although murderer Vester Flanagan, aka “Bryce Williams,” wrote in his manifesto that he wanted a “race war.” Instead of answering Costello’s question if “race played a factor,” West instead used love as the reasoning, saying, “When you have a love deficit, you have a justice deficit” and that he is “very much in favor of tight gun control.” “The fundamental question is how do you get at this spiritual decay and this moral decadence in this society as a whole? All of us have to deal with rage. How do you filter that rage through love?” “The problem is we live in a society where people don’t give or get enough love,” West added. “They don’t give or get enough justice. They don’t give or get enough community. When you’re isolated and insulated, that
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CNN’s Don Lemon: Yes, the Virginia Shooter Was Racist

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Thursday on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” CNN’s Don Lemon read his editorial on the tragic murder broadcast live on television of WDBJ journalists, 24-year old Alison Parker and 27-year old Adam Ward. Transcript as follows: 24-year old Alison Parker was the reporter. 27-year old Adam Ward was her photographer. The journalists for WDBJ were interviewing a city official about tourism and commerce when 41-year old Vester Flanagan walked up, open fire and unloaded 15 rounds into the three victims, emptying the gun’ entire magazine. The two journalists died at the scene. The city official is in critical condition. Vester Flanagan whose TV name was Bryce Williams was a disgruntled former reporter who had worked with both journalists at the same station before being fired for erratic behavior. The station’s managers and his co-workers say Flanagan was fired because he had become increasingly difficult to work with. They say he
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