Perry: Trump’s 1,933-Mile Border Wall Would Be Same Distance as from Key West to Maine

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate and former Texas governor Rick Perry said his rival Donald Trump’s proposed wall is “rhetoric” because it is impossible to build a “1,933-mile fence” with the equivalent distance “from Key West to Maine.” Perry said, “As people focus and take a look at what really matters for leading this country through what’s going to be challenging economic times, not just for America, but for the entire world, and also foreign policy wise, I’ll put my record up against anyone on the stage or in the race.” When asked about Trump, Perry replied, “This is going to sort itself out as people focus. Back eight years ago when that primary was working its way out, the Iowa voter, the South Carolina voter and the New Hampshire voter, they will be the ones that really matter. If you are not able to stay
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John Kerry: ‘The People of Israel Will Be Safer With This Deal’

Wednesday at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, in a speech promoting President Barack Obama’s Nuclear Agreement with Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry touted the deal by proclaiming Israel will be safer with the deal. “I have bowed my head at the Western Wall and prayed for peace for Israel, for the region, and for the world,” Kerry said. “I take a backseat to no one in my commitment to the security of Israel. A commitment I have demonstrated through my 28-plus years in the Senate, and as secretary of state. I am fully conscious of the existential nature of the choice Israel must make. I understand the conviction that Israel, more than any other country, simply cannot afford a mistake and defending its security. And well I respectfully disagree with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the benefits of the agreement, I do not question his instincts, the basis of his concern, or
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Blythe Masters and Wall Street Opt for ‘Permissioned’ Non-Bitcoin Blockchains

Major banks and mainstream financial institutions are warming up to the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin, and launching internal experiments and pilot projects to find out how they can use the blockchain. However, most banks frown at the chaotic anarchy of public “permissionless ledgers” like the Bitcoin blockchain, where any individual anonymous user can join and contribute hashpower to verify transactions without having to ask anyone’s permission. Instead, they would prefer “permissioned ledgers” owned and by the banks, which can be operated only by vetted players. Think of “BankCoin” blockchains that only the banks and the authorities have access to. Since this trend appears to be rising fast, many startups are developing infrastructures for permissioned ledgers. SETL is a permissioned […]

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