Limited Edition Breitbart Christmas Cups Sell Out in 24 Hours, ALL Proceeds to Go to Wreaths Across America

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In less than 24 hours, Breitbart News readers purchased all 3,500 of the limited edition “Merry Christmas” coffee tumblers and raised over $14,000 for Wreaths Across America, a charity whose mission is to coordinate “wreath laying ceremonies on a specified Saturday in December at Arlington, as well as veterans cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond.”
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Krauthammer: As Long As Obama’s President It’s ‘A Joke’ To Say We’ll Get Serious Against Islamic State

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued, “all the promises that oh yes, now we’re going to get serious, [against ISIS] I think are a joke as long as this president is commander-in-chief” on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. Krauthammer said, “the people stuck in the quagmire today are Americans, under Obama. He’s been in office seven years, 76% of the combat deaths of Americans in Afghanistan has occurred under Obama, and there is little doubt that our position in Afghanistan today is weaker than it was seven years ago when he came into office. So, when he’s trying to instruct Putin on national interests and on quagmires, he’s on rather thin ground. And just one point about the testimony today, the chairman of the joint chiefs was asked whether he considered the drivers of the oil trucks, by ISIS, the ones who export it, as combatants, and he said, no, they’re civilians, trying to feed their families. And that’s why we actually dropped leaflets warning the drivers, three-quarters of an hour before any airstrike. This is a joke, and it comes, not from the pentagon, it comes from the white house. this has not been a serious air war,
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Dyson: Trump a ‘Xenophobic Buffoon’ for Refusing To Admit He Is Wrong About 9/11 Celebrations

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” network regular Michael Eric Dyson discussed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the Twin Towers coming down on September 11, 2001 and took a shot at the GOP front-runner for refusing to admit he was wrong about it. Dyson said, “It’s good theater. Maybe Kabuki theater. The problem is Donald Trump is not having values, not having beliefs, not having tenacious hold of his convictions. It’s as Kathleen said, but when you’re proven empirically to be wrong, when the evidence is overwhelming, you’re not weak. You’re strong when you go, ‘you know what, I was wrong.’ But there were so many people that day who were invested in, blah blah blah, you go on. But to conjure out of your hat some kind of evidence that doesn’t exist, makes you look not only like a buffoon, but it really raised questions again about the xenophobic character of so much of what he does.” The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker added, “Donald Trump is, you know, he is a classic narcissistic. The narcissistic is never wrong and everything that happens around him happens through the prism of his own experience,
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Gutfeld: ‘Climate Panic Helps Terror’ Maybe Climate Activists Are Racist

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that “climate panic helps terror” and stated of climate activists, “Maybe they’re racist” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” Gutfeld said that climate activists “are almost entirely white European elitists, who wish to deny cheap fuel to the billion [in] the Third World not on the electricity grid. Maybe they’re racist. As Prince Charles falsely links drought to terror, this war on cheap resources is a more likely link. For when you insure poverty to a billion people, a death cult becomes viable. So, climate panic helps terror in two ways, by diverting resources from the fight, and punishing the poor.” Gutfeld further wondered if the war on terror’s lack of glamour prevents it from getting the attention climate change does. Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett
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Former Intel Head Flynn: ‘Matter of Time’ Before Islamic State Attacks U.S.

Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, said it is just a “matter of time” before the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, (ISIS) successfully attacks the Untied States. Host Jake Tapper asked, “A lot of Americans look at what happened in Paris a few weeks ago, November 13th, and they’re scared something like that could happen here in the United States. How likely is it, do you think, we’ll have a Paris-style attack in the United States? What more should the U.S. government be doing to prevent it?” Flynn said, “I think, first, our FBI, they are the best law enforcement organization in the world bar none. The FBI, I know, is working overtime today to prevent this kind of an attack. Paris was eight guys, attack in Mali at the hotel was ten guys. Two guys, three guys, four guys could raise absolute havoc in a mall, somewhere else.” Tapper asked, “Do you think it’s a matter of time?” Flynn confirmed, “I do believe it’s a matter of time. I believe that there’s going to be where our luck is going to run out and they’re going
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Rush: Administration Should ‘Choke On All of Its Irony’ On Border Security

On Tuesday, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed suprise that Obama administration “doesn’t choke on all of its irony” on border security. Rush cited a National Review article entitled “New York Times Reports that Influx of Low-Skilled, Undocumented Immigrants Hurts Workers . . . in Turkey.” He then stated, “Well, imagine that. And the New York Times, by golly, by gosh, acknowledges it in Turkey. I mean, it’s one of those, Shazam! Who would believe this  And so the New York Times is very sympathetic to Turkey and we must be very cognizant of the economic damage that these immigrants — or illegals, folks — could be doing to Turkey. The next story from the Wall Street Journal. And this is stunning, too, because the Wall Street Journal, you’d have to say, is part of open-borders coalition in this country. Wall Street Journal: ‘US Urges Turkey to Seal Border — The Obama administration is pressing Turkey to deploy thousands of additional troops along its border with Syria to cordon off a 60-mile stretch of frontier that U.S. officials say is used by Islamic State to move foreign fighters in and out of the war zone.’ Wait a minute. Wa wa wa
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BitGo’s Mike Belshe on Doing What Matters

BitGo co-founder and CEO Mike Belshe remembers when the fascination with computer engineering that began for him in childhood made its most emphatic statement and claim on his life.

He had just left old warhorse Hewlett-Packard, his first job out of college, to join Internet browser pioneer Netscape as it was poised to launch its initial public stock offering in 1995. (His departure was rather too sudden to suit the sensibilities of his “HP Way” bosses, but that’s another story.)

Commencing to work almost non-stop through long days and nights “not because of deadlines, but because I loved it so much,” Belshe was driving across town with fellow computer geek and visionary Rob McCool one day when they were simultaneously awe-struck by the same sight: a large billboard with “http:” sprawled across its face, followed by a web address.

“Whoa!” McCool exclaimed. “I never thought I would see that.”

“The billboard spoke to him,” Belshe remembers. “That’s when I realized that what we were doing really matters.”

This theme of engagement with things of import is a recurrent theme in Belshe’s life. It partly explains the intriguing mix of five-star companies and start-ups dotting his resume. After HP and Netscape, Microsoft was another major stop; from there he migrated to Google just in time to help lead the development of Chrome. He stayed there for a half-decade.

Start-ups included Good Technology, Remarq and his own Lookout Software with partner Eric Hahn. All of them were successes in their own right, though it was neither money nor conventional pride that drove Belshe’s journeys along the tech frontiers of his day. It has always been more about using his supple intelligence and imagination to help bring something interesting and important into the world, most always with highly technical solutions that ultimately filter down into the usefulness and parlance of everyday users who have no particular technical skill.

And now there is Bitcoin security company BitGo, steadily picking up market share as the first “multi-signature” wallet in the Bitcoin world. The platform makes use of Belshe’s problem-solving and programming ingenuity to bring greater ease and utility to the thorny problem of securing bitcoins.

It is a kind of gift, this ability to bridge the worlds of software engineering via complex, exacting code and an end product that the proverbial Iowa Grandma can manage with ease from the comfort of her kitchen table.

As Belshe himself freely admitted in a recent plain-spoken blog post at, Bitcoin isn’t anywhere near reaching Grandma yet.

“Bitcoin in Denial” ran the headline on his post, which conveyed a “Slow down, this is gonna take a while” message to those who envision Bitcoin triumphing over fiat currencies and the credit card industry and reaching Grandma by next week or next year. But if anyone will eventually be able to carve the road to her, it will be Belshe.

Two decades into a tech career that he remembers being ignited by a computer magazine that his electrical engineer father brought home, he now finds himself at a mid-career sweet spot. With deep experience behind him, industry contacts and resources galore, and still copious energy, he is committed to making Bitcoin the most secure digital asset tool ever devised without its users, in his words, “having to learn how to operate a digital asset vault.”

Belshe co-founded BitGo in 2013, just a year after discovering Bitcoin and loading up on a bunch of coins for himself and various friends on a dedicated offline laptop he kept under his couch. “With Bitcoin’s price going up, I realized I had a staggering amount of money just sitting there on a laptop. I was following best practices, but I felt scared enough to look for a better way to store all these coins.”

A quick survey found him surprised that there really weren’t any better security mousetraps at the time, so he set about to invent one. Anyone who knows Belshe could have predicted it wouldn’t take him long.

BitGo launched the world’s first multi-signature wallet last August, created by Belshe himself using a “P2SH” protocol that was developed by Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation and Bitcoin’s lead core developer at the time.

While his service won’t quite reach Grandma yet, it has given Bitcoin holders an unparalleled means of securely holding their funds without fear of either being hacked or suffering some human error of forgetfulness or misplacement. It turns out, by the way, that error is a far more common cause of lost bitcoins than is the more feared specter of malevolent hackers.

We wanted a system that doesn’t depend on anyone else and wasn’t vulnerable to theft, a lost hard disk or paper wallet, or a forgotten-and- now-gone password,” Belshe says. “The challenge is always this: How do you improve security in a way users understand?”

Belshe & Co. appear to be meeting that challenge with growth figures ($1 billion transacted in the third quarter) and a corporate profile for which less substantive startups would no doubt hand over a good portion of their Bitcoin vaults. P2SH or pay to script hash addresses have grown more than 84 percent over the past 90 days, and BitGo controls the majority share of market for P2SH Bitcoin addresses.

It’s all big-time fun, which is one crucial metric Belshe applies to virtually all his professional endeavors. But even more important, if he were advising young people just launching their careers, is this: “Do something that matters.”

One gets the sense that having fun and doing things that matter have become almost one and the same thing for Belshe. That’s just one more sweet spot in a career from which the Bitcoin world is now benefiting in ways that matter greatly to it.

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