Rush Limbaugh: Concealed Carry Is Peace Through Strength on Individual Level

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On October 5 Rush Limbaugh described concealed carry as a “deterrent” and an example of peace through strength on the individual level. He segued into these comments by pointing to the ease with which Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump talks about having a concealed carry permit from New York. Limbaugh said: A concealed carry permit, if you think one’s necessary — and by the way, they’re not easy to get. I know a lot of people in New York who have them, and it’s quite an involved process. But once you have one, one of the values in it is having people know that you do because that, in itself, is its own deterrent. What does that say, by the way? The fact that you have a concealed carry permit and you don’t mind if people know? That’s the deterrent. Limbaugh then explained the deterring factor of having a permit to carry a gun on one’s person–and especially the deterrent of bad guys knowing you might be carrying one–by juxtaposing it with having superior military strength to ensure peace. He focused on debates surrounding the military’s purchase of a fleet of B-2 bombers–the last time such a purchase was made–and
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Time’s Erica Williams Simon Overstates Slut Walk Attendance by a Mere 5,000%

This goes some way to explaining the gap between male and female representation in STEM subjects: a feminist TIME journalist has claimed that “15,000” people attended a Slut Walk for which, by most estimations, barely 300 showed up. In an op-ed for the magazine’s website that has since been altered to read “thousands,” which is still inaccurate, journalist Erica Williams Simon heavily implied she was present at the event, writing, “The solidarity was palpable and the energy electric.” Simon later admitted on Twitter that her piece “was not a recap of the march,” although she evaded directly confirming whether she had been there or not.  Tell me, @createdbyerica. How do you know the “solidarity was palpable” when you obviously weren’t there? — Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) October 5, 2015 So you admit you weren’t there, but you wrote about the “palpable” atmosphere anyway. Wow. — Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) October 5, 2015 Simon did not explain when asked why Amber Rose Slut Walk organisers told Breitbart that the Slut Walk had 6,000 registrants but told TIME that number was 15,000. Merely a few hundred showed up for the march, from which this correspondent was ejected. TIME journalist now claiming Amber Rose said 15K registrants. They
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Dem Senator: Congress ‘Quietly Endorsing Mass Murders’ By Not Passing Gun Control

Monday on MSNBC, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT)  declared Congress was “quietly endorsing these mass murders” by not passing stronger gun control laws. Murphy said,  “I think Secretary Clinton today outlined additional executive actions the Obama administration can take a look at bringing dealers across the country outside of the requirement to do background checks into that requirement… It would be an acknowledgment of people at the gun shows on a weekly or a weekend basis and are acting much more like full-time than part time gun dealers. And people selling on the internet doing enough volume to be doing background checks. As well. there’s room with respect to executive action and I think the president said that during his statement last week that he’s going to be looking at addition additional ways to work without Congress and hitting a ceiling some point and if we want meaningful change, we have to do something.” He continued, “I think Congress is effectively quietly endorsing these mass murders because people who are having their minds unhinged, note that there is no one here in the elected legislative branch of Congress who is getting together to do something about it in a practical way. So I
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Exclusive — Donald Trump Declares War On Obamatrade: ‘Time To Send A Real Businessman’ To White House To End This

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announces his tax plan during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York on September 28, 2015. AFP PHOTO/DOMINICK REUTER (Photo credit should read
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is hammering President Barack Obama, his administration and Congress for completely failing the American worker when it comes to trade policy—whacking the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact with 12 Pacific Rim nations that the Obama just finalized in Atlanta as a deal that jeopardizes U.S. jobs.
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Hannity: Sessions Calling To Hit Brakes on Immigration ‘A Good Idea’

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Talk radio and Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity argued that Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) calling to hit the brakes on immigration is “a good idea” on Monday. Hannity said, “I look into the job gains, that we heard last week was an abysmal month, anyway according to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics, they actually break down demographically foreign-born job numbers, in other words, foreigners, people that are not citizens. Well, last month, those numbers increased by 14,000. Native-born Americans, American citizens, fell off a cliff. They lost 262,000 jobs. Over the last three months, the job numbers for native-born Americans has dropped by nearly 1 million, exactly the number of jobs that Obama promised to add when he ran for re-election in 2012. By the way, during that same period, well, immigrants, not citizens, their jobs grew by 218, Jeff Sessions, he says it’s time to hit the brakes on the radical pace of immigration. You think? I think that’s a good idea. Let’s hit the brakes on this. Let’s stop this before it gets really out of control.” Follow Breitbart.TV on Twitter @BreitbartVideo
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