How Marco Saved Taxpayers $2.5 Billion on the ObamaCare Bailout — And Is Fighting to Save Them Much, Much More

ObamaCare is failing. One of the nation’s largest insurers, UnitedHealthcare, says it’s losing so much on its ObamaCare customers (despite skyrocketing prices and taxpayer subsidies) that it’s considering leaving the market. So, naturally, insurance companies want a taxpayer bailout, and the Obama administration wants to give it to them. But Marco has led the fight…

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Planned Parenthood Incurs Violations For Storing Aborted Babies in Janitor’s Closet

Pro-Planned Parenthood protest outside Locust St. facility
Two Planned Parenthood clinics in Pennsylvania are being cited for violations that included biohazard containers found in a janitor’s closet and baby body parts discovered decomposing in bags. The Locust Street Planned Parenthood facility has been out of compliance with state laws at various times over at least the past three years. Violations have been in the areas of life safety, fire safety minimum standards, anesthesia recovery guidelines, drug storage, and operating room construction.
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Larry Levy: Mosque Surveillance In NYC Worked To Stop Terror

New York City police officers walk near One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan on November 24, 2015 in New York City. Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, security in New York City has been heightened throughout the metropolitan area as experts try to determine the nature of threats from ISIS and other Jihadist groups.
“One of the things that Rudy Giuliani innovated was bringing in an office of emergency management that coordinated the efforts of the police, the fire department, the environmental department, and everybody else,” Larry Levy says. “They figured out what to do to be prepared. We monitored hospital admissions in emergency rooms to see if there were signs of poisoning … things of that nature.
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Nicolle Wallace: Obama ‘Has Been a Jerk’ Since Paris Attack

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former White House communications director during the President George W. Bush administration Nicolle Wallace said President Barack Obama has been a “jerk” for his accusatory tone aimed at those concerned about the possibility of a terror attack in America in the wake of the French terror attacks earlier this month. Wallace said, “He’s a father. I don’t understand why he can’t look into the camera and say, ‘If you’ve got kids traveling home for the holidays, I understand you might be afraid to put them on an airplane. You don’t have to be and here’s why.’ I don’t understand why he can’t tap into his own humanity! He musters more of it about saving the planet than he does talking about keeping kids safe around this time of year when people are traveling. People are scared and that’s not a partisan issue. He’s been incapable for a nano second since the Paris attacks of speaking to the country as a human being about the fact that they’re scared. He’s reduced any rational fear. People don’t understand the refugee program and people don’t understand how exhausted the vetting is. He would blame anyone afraid. He called them cowards
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Jeb: U.S. Combat Troops May Be Required to ‘Inspire’ Int’l Effort Against Islamic State

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, reacted to a question from show host Alisyn Camerota about how Bush if he elected president would handle the threat from ISIS and if that strategy would require U.S. ground troops. Bush did not commit to saying he would send U.S. forces into that theater, but he did say it could be a possibility if his military commanders saw it as necessary. “Fifty special operators is 50 better than what existed before,” Bush said. “But it’s not a strategy. A strategy would be how do we mobilize support for the remnants of the Syrian Free Army? And it might require combat troops to inspire an international effort. I would let the military commanders give the commander-in-chief options rather than tell them what you want to hear. And so not having gotten those options, I can’t tell you if we are going to have boots on the ground but certainly, a more expanded role for the special operators would be essential. And being more effective in strikes as it is relates to the air.” Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor
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