From Community College to the White House: Meet These Three Staffers

President Obama is traveling to Watertown, South Dakota on Friday to deliver the commencement address at Lake Area Technical Institute — one of the nation’s top community colleges. While congratulating the graduating class, the President will also discuss his plan to make community college free for students who keep their grades up.

From students just out of high school to those returning to the classroom for more training or a career change, community college students make up 40 percent of the Americans enrolled in higher education. The President’s plan is projected to benefit around 9 million students each year and save the average full-time community college student $3,800 a year in tuition expenses.

Here at the White House, we understand the impact that community colleges are having on students throughout the country. On National College Signing Day, three White House staffers shared their story of attending community college and credited their schools with helping them reach their full potential.

Staffers Share Their Community College Stories

Meet these three White House staffers:

Deesha Dyer, White House Social Secretary

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Meet Mark Hutchison, Chair of Our Nevada Campaign

Elected Lieutenant Governor of Nevada Last Year Following yesterday’s announcement of State Senator Jack Whitver’s leadership role on our campaign in Iowa, Marco announced Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison will be chairman of our campaign in the Silver State today. The Lieutenant Governor was elected last year, was sworn in this January, and his the…

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Email from DJ Patil: “How I Became Chief Data Scientist”

This afternoon, U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil sent the following message to the White House email list, explaining how community college helped him get to where he is today, and why he thinks more Americans should have access to community college.

If you agree with DJ, tell us where community college brought you — or why it should be available to more Americans — using this form or the hashtag #CommunityCollege.

I’m the U.S. Chief Data Scientist — and I got my start in community college.

Yes, I’ve got a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, have been fortunate to help build amazing companies, and have been at the forefront of the data science movement. But the critical first step in that journey started at De Anza Jr. College in Cupertino, California.

I think more Americans should be able to have that opportunity.

If you agree, share where community college took you, or why you think it should be available to more Americans.

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Coinzone to Launch a European Bitcoin Service with Banking Relationships

European Bitcoin payment processor Coinzone officially announced in a recent blog post that the company will be launching a Bitcoin wallet for its European customers. The announcement follows the recent launch of the company’s Bitcoin processing platform in the Czech Republic. Like many others, Coinzone’s Bitcoin wallet will allow users to send, receive, buy and sell bitcoin on both mobile platforms and web browsers. Currently, the company is focusing on building country-specific features to allow users to withdraw and deposit through local banks. CEO Manuel Heilmann stated, “We’ve developed Coinzone Wallet in response to an overwhelming demand from users seeking a wallet that stores their sensitive information locally in Europe.” Heilmann added that there is a growing European demand for […]

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Coinffeine Launches Technical Preview of Peer-to-peer Bitcoin Exchange

The Spanish Bitcoin startup Coinffeine has launched a technical preview of its peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin exchange. For the first time in a P2P exchange, users can experience an automatic and secure exchange similar to that offered by traditional exchanges, but with all the advantages of the P2P. This version is intended to enable independent users and banks to try the application at an early stage, integrate it into their services and operate as Bitcoin exchanges. Anyone interested can download the application and, once it is installed, can begin to buy and sell bitcoin with other Coinffeine users. Although the Coinffeine Technical Preview is fully functional, they decided to go step-by-step in this early stage and distribute a version that is configured […]

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BitGold Announces a Bitcoin-like System for Gold Storage and Payments

BitGold Inc. has announced the public launch of the BitGold platform, a software service that connects gold storage with payment networks, resulting in a banking-like platform for gold. The announcement refers to the BitGold platform as a “new global operating system for gold.” In fact, BitGold is a digital payments platform that connects gold stored in real-world vaults with online payments. Though the BitGold press release emphasizes that BitGold is not a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, there are similarities. In particular, the BitGold platform allows for the quick settlement of gold trades so that a users’ gold is easily acquired and accessible across various payment networks such as SWIFT, Visa, MasterCard, Interac, SEPA, UnionPay, Discover, American Express and others – including […]

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