Biden on 2016 Run: ‘The Most Relevant Factor’ — Can My Family and I Undertake the Commitment?

Thursday evening at the Ahavath Achim Synagogue in Atlanta, Vice President Joe Biden said he is considering running for president but added that “the most relevant factor” is if he and his family have enough “emotional energy” after the recent death of his son Beau Biden. Biden said, “I will be straightforward with you. The most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and I have the emotional energy to run. Some might think that is inappropriate. Unless I can go to my party and the American people and say that I’m able to devote my whole heart and my whole soul to this endeavor, it would not be appropriate. And everybody talks about a lot of other factors: The other people in the race and whether I can raise the money and whether I can get an organization. That’s not the factor. The factor is can I
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Texas Lays a Hero to Rest: Abbott Calls for Support of Law Enforcement

Harris County Sheriff's Office via AP
HOUSTON, Texas – Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth will be laid to rest on Friday with all the honors the County and the State of Texas can bestow upon him. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for law enforcement across the state and all citizens of Texas to honor the deputy who was viciously murdered one-week ago.
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