Gold Market Goes Quiet – Do We Hear The Echo Of The Bottom?

Demand for gold is soaring according to the World Gold council’s latest report. The report shows that overall worldwide demand for gold rose by a very significant 33% with the US, Europe, China and Russia all stocking up and pushing demand. Central bankers, lead by Russia, are stocking up aggressively. With fundamentals like these, why […]

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Luxury Cruise Liners Convert To Floating Migrant Housing

Cruise Liners Migrant
A number of cruise ships are to be hastily converted for migrant use over the next month, as massive demand for housing continues unabated. Despite government efforts to introduce a semblance of control at the national borders, Sweden continues to receive thousands of migrants a week, but has long ago run out of beds and shelters. Having exhausted every government building, school gymnasium, and army barracks the Swedish government is now looking to pay out as of yet undisclosed sums to charter vast cruise liners outright to house migrants. The government contract to provide floating hotels is potentially a lucrative one for the cruise trade. Despite additional additional wear to the ship’s living spaces, the charters will require minimal crewing, low usage of fuel oil and no stress on the expensive marine diesel engines. So far several shipping companies have been in touch with the Swedish government to offer their ships, reports Afton Bladet. Migrants could live on-board for a year or more while they are assessed for refugee and asylum status. Speaking to the paper, Migration Bureau spokesman Willis Atkins said they expected to hire ships with up to 1,500 beds each, and they would be moored in the harbours of some
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Brussels Schools Reopen As Terror Alert Stays At Highest Level

Brussels struggled to get back to normal on Wednesday after four days at the highest possible terror alert with schools reopening and the metro partially back in service. Closed since Monday, schools and universities reopened despite the alert still remaining at level 4, worrying many parents with two top suspects from the Paris attacks still at large. “I had decided to not bring my kids in school this morning, but changed my mind late last night. Life must go on,” said a 47-year-old father who drove his two daughters to school. “Thank goodness we only have a half day today,” said Marc, 14, as he boarded a school bus, adding that he fully enjoyed the two extra days off from school. Metros had been closed since Saturday and gradually returned to service, but with many stops still shut to better deploy security staff. About 300 extra police from around Belgium were sent to Brussels to guard schools and 200 extra soldiers helped patrol the metro. Museums and public concert halls were also to reopen, officials said.
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