George Clooney Praises Merkel’s Openness to Migrants as He Seeks Greater Seclusion in Italy

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George Clooney, and his wife Amal, met in private with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday and praised her leadership during the migrant crisis, as rumors circulate that the American actor may sell his luxurious Lake Como property because it isn’t isolated enough. Clooney, who was accompanied to the Merkel meeting by former UK foreign secretary David Miliband, told reporters that he “absolutely” agrees with Merkel’s handling of the crisis and her acceptance of many migrants into the country.  Merkel has spearheaded Germany’s response to the greatest influx of refugees into Europe since the Second World War, with Germany taking nearly half of all asylum applications made by Syrians in EU member states last year. After the 40-minute meeting, Clooney criticized the U.S. policy toward migrants on German television. “You know in the United States, we aren’t doing enough,” he said. “We are a little less involved than we should be.” Later Friday, the Clooneys, who are in Germany to promote the actor’s new film Hail, Caesar, also visited a Berlin refugee shelter. He had said he wished to meet a group of asylum seekers, “to talk about and ask what messages and what things we can do… to help.” The Clooneys’
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George Clooney Nailed America’s Hate-Speech Problem – BusinessInsider

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George Clooney while promoting “Hail, Caesar!” at the Berlin Film Festival, explained that “hate speech” frequently heard on the campaign trails in American presidential politics are just “extreme voices” and “don’t survive.” In an interview reported at Business Insider the actor commented: “I mean there are some extreme voices out there. I always have to caution people when they watch American politics that we go a little crazy during the political season and it’s a very long season. And the xenophobic, fascist sort of ‘no muslims are going to come into the United States’ that’s never going to happen, you know, that’s not going to happen in the United States. That’s not who we are, that’s not who we have ever been, that’s not how this country was formed.” Clooney adds that these voices don’t represent  America, “So you are going to hear some of these louder voices that are extreme, and a much smaller percentage of the country that always come up during these moments, but they don’t ever survive and we get past this.”
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Lawmakers Call for Investigation of Millionaires Enrolling in Medicaid

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Melissa Quinn writes in the Daily Signal: Conservative lawmakers say Congress should investigate the number of millionaires who qualify for and enroll in government-sponsored health insurance under Obamacare, a trend exposed in a Daily Signal report earlier this week. At the monthly Capitol Hill event Conversations with Conservatives, lawmakers in attendance discussed a recent Daily Signal report involving people with high net worths who legally enroll in Medicaid, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., suggested the “loophole” should receive further congressional scrutiny. “This is what happens. You open the door. You don’t do your verification. You don’t know who is coming into the program, and yes, you’re going to see a program like this balloon and get out of control quickly,” Blackburn said when asked if Congress should investigate the findings. “Is it an issue? Yes. It was an issue for TennCare, it will be an issue for Obamacare.” Similarly, Darin Miller, spokesman for Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told The Daily Signal the congressman would be “open to investigating the [Medicaid] expansions that allow this sort of thing to happen.” “This is just another reason why Obamacare needs to be repealed,” he said. You can read the rest of the story
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Debate Moderators Squeeze Dr. Ben Carson For Time

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GREENVILLE, South Carolina — In the past two GOP presidential debates, Dr. Ben Carson has received less questions—therefore less time on primetime highly-watched television to lay out his policy vision for America—than his opponents in what’s a disturbingly high trend. At the last debate before the Iowa caucuses, moderated by the Fox News Channel, Carson was asked just five questions according to an analysis of the last two debates his campaign provided to Breitbart News. He had no rebuttals, and zero follow-up questions from moderators. Compare that with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the winner of the caucuses, who got six questions, five rebuttals, and two follow-up questions from moderators. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who finished in third place but was polling worse than that, got seven questions from moderators, five rebuttals, and three follow-up questions from moderators. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush—who finished worse than Carson in the caucuses back in sixth place to Carson’s fourth place—got seven questions and two rebuttals, compared with zero follow-up questions from moderators. Donald Trump, the billionaire and national frontrunner who finished second in Iowa, skipped the debate before the caucuses. It’s also worth noting that even though Carson was polling in fourth in
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Clinton Spox: Fmr Obama DIA Head Flynn’s Clinton Denunciations ‘Silly’

Clinton Campaign National Spokesperson Brian Fallon argued that the former head of the DIA under President Obama, retired U.S. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn’s denunciations of Clinton were “silly” and the investigation should “be allowed to continue without political interference and without side commentary from people that don’t have an understanding of the fundamental facts” on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” Fallon said, “Well, that’s just silly. I respect the general, but that’s not going to happen. Look, this investigation, this review into the security of the emails, should be allowed to continue without political interference and without side commentary from people that don’t have an understanding of the fundamental facts. And just last week, you saw the same situation unfurl with former Secretary Colin Powell, as well as former aides to Secretary Condoleezza Rice. In both of those two cases, you now have the same agency looking at their emails, personal emails ,and saying that there is information that, in retrospect, they think should be treated as classified. The exact same situation playing out in the two previous secretaries before Secretary Clinton. So I think that tells you everything about the relative seriousness of this.
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