GOP Debate: Best Night for ABC In 14 Years, Beats Fox News

ABC’s Republican primary debate drew an average of 13.2 million viewers over its three hours, and did so on a Saturday night. Other than sports programming, this is the best Saturday night ABC has had since 2001. Saturday night’s debate also beat the previous GOP  debate, which did not air on a typically low-rated Saturday night. Thursday night’s Fox News debate earned just 12.5 million viewers. The jump from 12.5 million weekday viewers to 13.2 million Saturday night viewers is all the more surprising due to the fact that, until this weekend, each GOP debate had earned fewer viewers than the previous one.  The only exceptions are the two Fox Business News debates, but that network is available in far fewer households than its counterparts. The presence of Donald Trump might have been the difference that delivered higher ratings for ABC on a Saturday night than Fox News received on a Thursday night. After Fox News released a snarky statement mocking Trump and his supporters, The Donald boycotted the “fair and balanced” network. Saturday’s 13.2 million viewers might be far below the 24 million who tuned into the first 2016 Republican debate, but it still dwarfed the highest rated debate
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Gold and Silver Up 5% Last Week As Stocks Fall Sharply

Gold and silver surged over 5% last week as concerns about the U.S. and global economy saw more sharp stock market falls and reduced expectations of the Fed increasing interest rates. Gold finished the week at $1,173.40 an ounce and has built on those gains today rising another 0.4% to $1,178.10 an ounce – taking […]

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Cameron Threatens Britain: After Brexit We’ll Have Calais-Style Jungle Camps In England

British Prime Minister David Cameron has alleged that Britain leaving the European Union would lead to Calais ‘Jungle’-style camps in the South East of England – effectively threatening the nation that if they vote to remain in the European Union, he will implement more lax border controls. The threat comes as Mr. Cameron faces an uphill struggle to win support for his ‘Brexit’ deal plans, after public opinion roundly rejected his ‘renegotiation’ with European leader as announced last week. The Telegraph reports: “It is understood [the Prime Minister] will set out the argument in the days and weeks after he calls the date of the referendum, which is expected to be set later this month” with a government source adding: “The French would love to pull out of the arrangement… We will be telling people – look, if we leave the EU the Jungle camp in Calais will move to Folkestone. That is not something people want.” But the announcement would effectively mean Mr. Cameron is willing to abdicate his responsibilities to keep Britain’s borders secure in the event that Britain leaves the European Union. To have the continued presence of British border guards on the other side of the English Channel
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WATCH: New Hamas Music Video Celebrates ‘Flying Bus Roof’

A street sign indicates the newly-named Yahya Ayyash Street in the West Bank town of Ramallah on April 8, 2010. The naming of the street by the Palestinian Authority after slain Nablus-born Ayyash, who Israel says was the architect of several 'terror' attacks including a 1994 bombing of a Tel Aviv bus
Ynetnews reports:  A new music video aired on Sunday on Hamas’s al-Aqsa TV network urges the resumption of suicide bombings on Israelis.  The video shows portraits of Yahya Ayyash (Hamas’s deceased chief bombmaker) and the murderers of the Henkin couple, and a blackened Egged bus billowing smoke. The Lebanese band responsible for the video, the Promise of Islamic Art, was formed in 1992, and is affiliated with Hamas. It has written numerous songs that support the organization and its military wing. Last week, Hamas praised the attack in Jerusalem that killed 19-year-old Border Policewoman Hadar Cohen, one of the most well-organized attacks in recent months: “We welcome the action that the three heroic fighters performed in occupied Jerusalem. Read more at
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Even in Italy, Christian Converts from Islam Live in Fear of Reprisals

Displaced Christians in Mosul AP
Recent reports suggest that over a thousand converts to Christianity from Islam currently live in Italy, but hide their conversions for fear of retaliation from the Muslim community against themselves and their families. A 55-year-old Egyptian chemical engineer who now works a waiter in a city of central Italy, was a fervent Muslim who converted to Christianity in Italy after the death of his mother and was baptized three years ago. The man, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid retribution from Muslims, said that the decisive element in his conversion came from seeing Christians with “a humanity more complete than mine” and wanting to find what they had found. Still, he openly expresses his frustration with having to hide his newfound faith. “I cannot openly practice my Christian faith. I am afraid that some fanatical Muslim may do harm not only to me, but especially to relatives who remained in Egypt.” “How is it,” he asks, “that Italians who convert to Islam can go on TV and talk about it, and instead I have to hide to avoid retaliation?” The name Italians are using to refer to the believers who must conceal their religion as “ghost Christians.” In Islamic
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