Cruz: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Trump Will Be the Nominee

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
In an interview set to air on WABC-AM on Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) touted himself as a Republican presidential candidate and said he believed that the current front-runner Donald Trump will not ultimately prevail as the party’s nominee. Cruz explained to host WABC’s Rita Cosby it was his view that eventually Trump’s current supporters would find their way to support his candidacy and stated his record going up again Washington as the reason why. “[I] think in time I don’t believe Donald is going to be the nominee and I think in time the lion’s share of his supporters end up with us,” Cruz said. “And I think the reason is what I was just saying, that if you look to the records of all the Republican candidates there’s a big difference between my record and that of everyone else if you ask, who has stood up to Washington? Cruz did acknowledge having Trump in the field has been a positive for his effort because it highlighted who will be the one to “stand up to Washington.” “I’ll note, you know I think the most beneficial thing Donald Trump’s involvement in the race has been, I think his involvement
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Issa Hints at House Speaker Bid, Downplays Chaffetz Run for Spot

On Friday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) discussed the state of the House Speaker’s race in the wake of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) announcement that he was no longer running for the spot, which is soon to be vacated by Rep. John Boehner (R-CA). Issa said it would be his preference to have someone experienced and has served as a committee chairman.  He included himself and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) in that category. “The fact is, yes, I think that I could potentially be a candidate,” Issa said. “At the same time, I agree with the vast majority of members, I think. We need a Paul Ryan or we need somebody who is a — experienced, b — has been a committee chairman or something other than just up through the leadership ranks. We very definitely need to pick our fights carefully, but we need somebody who is willing to do those fights, when the time comes, because the motion of our party has been to the right. The new members, the members since 2010, they’re more conservative. They’re more interested in real fiscal reform. And they’ve been denied by the K Street, if you will, influence the ability
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EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of Muslims Pray In Parliament Square, London

Muslims Pray in Parliament Square
LONDON, United Kingdom – Hundreds of Muslims flocked to Parliament Square today under the guise of acting against climate change. The demonstration saw a speech by an Imam, about how Muslims have a duty to try to “make Britain a better place”.  Breitbart London was on the scene to witness Friday afternoon prayers in what was a clearly male-female segregated meeting in a public space. One woman told Breitbart London how she was told by one of the male attendees that despite being a Christian that she was in fact a Muslim, but “hadn’t realised it yet”. He said “we are all born Muslims” and repeatedly referred to her as “sister”. Observers also noticed that while many Muslims were organised against climate change, there was no talk of opposing ISIS. Muslim Climate Action describes itself as “a group of UK Muslim organisations concerned about climate change.” Parliament Square NOW. Hundreds of Muslims praying in front of Parliament organised by Muslim Climate Action — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) October 9, 2015 Its website states: “Our faith teaches us that Allah has placed humans as stewards (khalifah) of the earth to protect and safeguard His creation, meaning that Muslims have a responsibility to
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Trevor Noah’s Ratings Collapse; Down -59% With Teens

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Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” ratings are much more amusing than Trevor Noah. Jon Stewart never had very good ratings. With fewer than 1% of America very tuning in, because they could use him as a bludgeon against the political right, the media turned Stewart into a Potemkin Phenom. Noah’s glaring lack of talent, charm and intelligence has driven his debut ratings even lower. Despite all the free hype from every corner of the left-wing national media, Noah bombed during his first week with an average of just 1.02 million viewers. That’s down a breathtaking -33% from this same time last year. And at this same time last year we were not in the middle of a historic presidential election delivering all-time high cable news ratings during the debates. The best news is that young people have abandoned the show in droves. Among teens, the “Daily Show” ratings are down an incredible -59%, from 56k average viewers to just 23k. Trevor Noah sucks. Everyone knows it. He’s a left-wing extremist like self-proclaimed socialist Jon Stewart, but Noah has no talent. He’s creating the GOP-hating content the national media desperately desire, but the content is so bad, the media isn’t re-running it
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Trump: I’m Never Getting Out of the Race

On Friday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump vowed to stayed the course in the presidential campaign. Trump explained that in a previous media appearance if things weren’t going his way, he would consider dropping out of the race.  Trump declared the media’s reaction to those remarks “ridiculous” and then made his proclamation about the contest. “You know the amazing thing — I was with Chuck Todd, who was very good, and I did ‘Meet the Press’ and he said, ‘Well, would you get out?’ and I made this statement, ‘Well, you know, if I could see I wasn’t going to win, and if my numbers were really terrible, and if you wouldn’t call and everybody’s not calling, if I saw it wasn’t going to happen, of course I would.’” “The next day headlines: ‘Trump considering maybe getting out’ — it was so ridiculous,” he said. “So you know what I say right now? I give more of a political answer: I’m never getting out.” Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor
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