Marco Rubio: Clinton ‘Desperate,’ ‘Panicked’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) responded to Hillary Clinton, who on Thursday declared Republicans akin to terrorists for their stances on the abortion issue. Rubio said it was a statement on her campaign, which finds itself in a difficult position as Clinton is under scrutiny for her private email server she kept while the nation’s top diplomat. “She is desperate,” Rubio said. “She is panicked. Her campaign is in a bad shape and I think it was Tucker who was talking a few minutes ago about it — he views are the ones that are radical. And here’s what’s most offensive about it — they won’t call terrorists won’t call terrorists, going all the way back to Benghazi and even before that, but they call their political opponents terrorists . So you’re going to see a lot of this in the weeks to come.
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Scarborough: Hillary Calling GOP Terrorists ‘Absolutely Disgusting,’ ‘Gutter Politics at Its Worst’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough laid into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, for her remarks on Thursday likening the Republican 2016 presidential field to terrorists for their position on abortion. “It was disgusting,” Scarborough said. “It was absolutely disgusting. Hillary Clinton saying that somebody who is pro-life –no, I mean, let’s tell the truth. She wanted us to talk about this. She wanted to throw a bright shiny object out there … so they don’t talk about the email scandal. And so she has to be so hyperbolic and insulting and quite frankly just — it’s gutter politics at its worst to compare people to radical terrorists that cut off people’s heads and blow up grandmoms. It’s not alright. We see what the terrorists do to young girls — the sexual slavery is absolutely appalling and what Hillary Clinton did is compare somebody who is pro-life, which
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Law of Unintended Consequences: New EU Tax Laws Force Thousands of Businesses to Close in Just Six Months

Microsoft Windows 10
New European Union tax rules introduced in January have already driven thousands of small companies out of business, with thousands more set to follow as awareness of the change in the VAT law grows. Research has shown that incompetence on the part of collecting agencies has further added misery to the situation. After an eight-year consultation which excluded the voices of micro-businesses, the EU introduced new rules on VAT returns at the beginning of this year, which required digitally delivered services to apply VAT according to the customer’s, not the supplier’s location. Designed to prevent large businesses locating themselves in VAT-competitive territories, it had the predictable effect of drowning small businesses under a sea of bureaucracy, forcing them to access the data required to prove the customer’s location, figure out which of more than 80 VAT rates to apply, and issue an invoice in the correct language, currency and layout.
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EU Finally Stands Up to Russia: Hires Crack ‘PR Professionals’ For Brussels

Vladimir Putin, you have been warned. The European Union’s foreign affairs department is ready to launch what it calls a ‘rapid-response team’ to counter Russian aggression in eastern Europe and the Baltic states. Troops and warplanes will not be part of the plan. Instead, the EU announced Thursday it will do what it does best; send in the bureaucrats. The EU wants to unleash crack teams of media and public relations professionals from offices in Brussels to counter what it considers biased Russian media reports. The strategic unit, which will include up to 10 Russian-speaking officials and media operatives from member states including the UK, will be fully operational by the end of September and will be part of the European External Action Service (EEAS). Politico reports it is a first step in the EEAS’s response to growing concern in eastern Europe and EU Baltic states about the destabilizing influence of Russian-language news reports coupled with
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Secular Scotland: Atheism Up by Nearly 10 Per Cent in Six Years

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A new poll has shown that atheism is on the rise in Scotland, as nearly half of Scots now say they are of no religion, up from 40 per cent in 2009. On current trends, Christianity will become a minority belief in Scotland within the next few years. The latest Scottish Household survey, which collates results from 2014 shows that, overall, 49.9 per cent of people still consider themselves to belong to a Christian denomination: 27.8 per cent identified as Church of Scotland, 14.4 per cent Roman Catholic, and 7.7 per cent as ‘other Christian’. However, 47.3 per cent responded “none” when asked about their faith, STV has reported. Of the remainder, 1.4 per cent identified as Muslim, 0.3 per cent Buddhist, 0.3 per cent Hindu, 0.1 per cent Sikh, 0.1 per cent Jewish, 0.1 per cent Pagan, and 0.5 per cent another religion. The results of the survey, which
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Pope Under Pressure as Half a Million Catholics Urge Him Reaffirm Traditional Marriage

Pope Francis
More than 500,000 Catholics, including many senior clerics, have signed a petition calling on Pope Francis to reaffirm traditional teaching on marriage and the family after months of confusion over his supposed liberal stance on the issue. The petition, which was started by U.S. conservative group TFP Student Action, calls on the Pope to “clarify the growing confusion among the faithful” at October’s Synod of Bishops and “implores” him to “prevent the very teaching of Jesus Christ from being watered down”. The group accuses “dissident Catholic pressure groups” of attempting to subvert Church teaching on marriage, saying: “They are bombarding the Holy Father and the Synod Fathers right now with messages of revolt against traditional moral values as they clamor for “change, change, change” inside the Church.” The petition has been signed by five Cardinals as well as numerous bishops and archbishops from across the world. Other major figures who
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Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay

We continue to have a wonderful dialogue with and frequent editorial submissions from readers and clients. Today, we have a thought provoking and important article that should greatly contribute to the debate on the merits of continuing to use artificial money.  David Bryan draws on the genius of Einstein and uses science as the basis […]

The post Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay appeared first on GoldCore Gold Bullion Dealer.

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The Immigration Debate is Changing Before Our Eyes, And It’s How We Win the EU Referendum

Over the course of the previous ten years, whenever I’ve gone on national television or radio to discuss immigration figures I’ve always felt that I’ve been met with, at politest, a sneer. At times this has even degenerated into demonisation, like when Evan Davis interviewed me for Newsnight in the run up to the General Election, I wondered whether this was the modern day equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials. The liberal elite view has always been that if you even dare to discuss immigration, it was a cover for racism. Yet the attitude I received yesterday after the worst ever official immigration statistics – which I suspect are grossly underestimating the real numbers – was quite different.  Interviewers were asking genuine questions about the sustainability of our public services in the face of such rapidly rising numbers. Some were even prepared to have an intelligent debate on the fact that over
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