Dem Rep Cohen: Antifa Violence Not Comparable, They Are Opposing Nazis, Confederates

Sunday on MSNBC, when asked about President Donald Trump saying “both sides” were responsible for violence in Charlottesville, VA, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said the violence coming from those on the left was not comparable. He explained that if Antifa “was there and did things, they were there because of the Nazis and Confederates.” Cohen said, “I think it was clearly not on display with the president and in response to Charlottesville. The president is supposed to be a leader for American values. Naziism and the Confederate KKK successors and interests are not American values. They are for terrorism. They are for Holocaust type annihilation of people. They are for destruction and death. The president should unequivocally stand up to those type of groups, and he didn’t do it. It was an unbelievable failing of moral leadership in our nation and one I don’t think he has a psychic anchor, a moral base from which to operate.” He continued, “He has not become president. He’s continued to be Donald Trump in need of attention, Donald Trump in need of approval, Donald Trump looking at ratings. He’s always in campaign mode. He’s unlike any other president, I think, that’s ever existed. He
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Trump Diversity Coalition Head: Bannon Was ‘Catalyst’ for Trump’s Voter Outreach to African-Americans, Hispanics

Sunday on MSNBC, Trump National Diversity Coalition executive director Bruce LeVell said Steve Bannon was a “catalyst” for voter outreach” to African-Americans and Hispanics. LeVell said, “I can judge Steve Bannon because I know him. I see a lot of guests on various shows try to articulate him that don’t know him. I will tell you, during the campaign he was a catalyst in terms of helping the National Diversity Coalition, which is in D.C.——in terms of how we were able to engage our voter outreach in terms of our African-American vote and Hispanic vote, which you know as well as I do was historically high since Richard Nixon and climbing. ” He added, “And I will say this, regardless of what anyone says, based on my personal experience at the Trump Towers working with him and Kellyanne Conway. I’ve never seen any of this particular, you know, the person that this mainstream media is trying to make him out to be. Honestly, if it really wasn’t for him, I don’t think we would have been as successful with the coalition with Pastor Scott and Michael Cohen as we went through the campaign. So I’m judging it based on what
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