New American Store to Offer Cyber Monday Sales All Weekend Long

Looking for Marco gear? You’ll want to stop by the New American Store for Cyber Monday deals all weekend long, starting Friday morning at 7 AM Eastern. In addition to storewide discounts and free shipping, all orders during our weekend-long Cyber Monday sale will come with a FREE limited edition Marco decal. It gets better:…

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Gavin Andresen: I Might Take Over Lead of Bitcoin XT

With Mike Hearn taking a step back from Bitcoin development to work for private blockchain startup R3, former Bitcoin Core lead developer Gavin Andresen indicated he might take over the lead of Bitcoin XT, the Bitcoin implementation programmed to increase the block-size limit through BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 101.

Andresen, who shifted his efforts to Bitcoin XT earlier this year, told Bitcoin Magazine, reluctantly: “I might take over lead of XT, but I don’t want to.”

It was announced last week that Hearn recently joined R3 as lead platform engineer, where the Google veteran and Bitcoin XT lead developer will work with some of the world’s largest banks on distributed ledger-based protocols for global financial markets. Hearn confirmed to Bitcoin Magazine that he will do the minimum required to keep Bitcoin XT running, but won’t actively develop or advocate the implementation any longer.

Hearn, a staunch advocate of a block-size increase in order to allow for more transactions on Bitcoin’s network,implemented BIP 101 into Bitcoin XT this summer. With this patch, designed by Andresen, Bitcoin XT is set to increase the maximum block size to 8 megabytes if a threshold of 75 percent of mining power accepts the change. Once activated, this limit is set to double every two years.

On Reddit, Hearn detailed:

The implementation of BIP 101 in Bitcoin XT without industrywide consensus was considered controversial by many, in particular among the Bitcoin development community. Shortly after Hearn implemented the patch, however, several prominent Bitcoin companies stated their intent to upgrade their code to support BIP 101 by December of this year. As such, the timing of Hearn’s departure could have been experienced as unfortunate by supporters of a rapid block-size increase. While the Bitcoin industry could still adopt Bitcoin XT, this seems unlikely with no active lead development.

Success of Bitcoin XT might therefore depend on Andresen taking over as lead developer, Hearn acknowledged when asked by Bitcoin Magazine. This idea – which was previously advocated by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong – was not dismissed by Andresen, though he is not keen to take such a step. Andresen, who is currently on MIT’s payroll, explained:

“I might take over lead of XT, but I don’t want to. I stepped back from lead of Core because I got tired of the constant trivial decision-making needed to lead an active open source software project. I want to spend my time thinking about and working on bigger, longer-term issues; like: ‘What are the benefits and risks of increasing the maximum block size?’”

BIP 101 itself currently garners little support among the Bitcoin development community, and seems very unlikely to be implemented in Bitcoin Core. Regardless, Andresen does expect that BIP 101 might be adopted by the industry at large. Either through Bitcoin XT, or by miners, companies and other users implementing the patch in their own software.

“It depends on what comes out of the big Hong Kong meeting,” Andresen explained. “If the other developers can’t make up their minds and reach consensus on a solution, then we’ll have a messy, chaotic couple of months where companies and big mining pools or miners pick sides until a solution emerges. Though, in that case, I do expect that the most likely solution will be BIP 101, since it is the only solution with well-tested code they can download and run.”

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Rush: According To the Left, Syrian Refugees Will Commit Genocide

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh responded to a piece in the Huffington Post comparing the Pilgrims to Syrian refugees with, “if you take this guy all the way out to his logical conclusion, the Syrian refugees are gonna kill all of us” on Wednesday. Rush quoted from the piece entitled, “This Thanksgiving, Remember America’s Pilgrims Were Refugees, Too,” which  said, “Some of the first pilgrims to settle on America’s shores were Europeans who fled persecution in their home countries. When the Mayflower pilgrims landed in New England in the early 17th century, they established a harvest celebration that would later become known as Thanksgiving by sitting down with Native Americans gracious enough to share their land and way of life. And, well, we all know how that turned out.” He then stated, “It’s near criminal the way these people have rewritten, and maybe don’t even understand history in the first place. That paragraph is 150% wrong. But he goes on to say, today the Pilgrims are embodied in the Syrian refugees. Which means, if you take this guy all the way out to his logical conclusion, the Syrian refugees are gonna kill all of us after sitting down and having dinner with
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Liberal Media Loses Interest in ‘Clock Kid’ After Islamic Attacks

Clock Boy with Sudanese Bashir  Ashraf ShazlyAFP
The liberal media lavished 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, also known as “Clock Kid,” with praise and adoration after he was arrested in Irving, TX, for his alleged homemade clock that he made in school. Media outlets wrote article after article claiming his mistreatment proved Islamophobia exists in America. But as The Washington Post‘s Callum Borchers points out, they lost interest after the attacks in Europe and Mohamed’s enormous lawsuit against his school. President Barack Obama tweeted support for the “Clock Kid,” while Twitter eagerly verified his official account. Time named him an influential teen of 2015, but that list also includes Kylie Jenner. His parents even claimed the teenager experiences post-traumatic stress disorder, but somehow he managed to make a cross country trip that included the White House and the United Nations. Mohamed also traveled to Saudi Arabia, where authorities behead people in public and women cannot drive, and Sudan, whose leader Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court. But then the situation worsened when Mohamed’s family decided to accept a generous gift from The Qatar Foundation and relocate to the Islamic country. The foundation has been accused of funding terrorist group Hamas, but also offered the teenager a full scholarship
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