Broaddrick: ‘Great Epiphany’ About Bill Clinton Should Have Happened 20 Years Ago

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Bill Clinton accusers Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick stated they were skeptical about the sincerity of those on the left who have recently come out against Bill Clinton. Jones said, “Well, it’s a little bit too late for that now, isn’t it? So, it makes you wonder if they really, truly mean what they say. Because us women did not get any kind of help whatsoever from any of those liberal women. They ridiculed us. We were called all kind of names. We were not believed. And I just — I hope that it’s true that they think that now, but I don’t know that it’s — that I believe it.” Broaddrick stated, “It’s absolutely disgusting, Laura. This great epiphany, that should have occurred 20 years ago, coming about now is — I should feel ecstatic about it, but I don’t. I feel very disappointed that they waited two decades to do this.” Both Jones and Broaddrick also remarked that too much of the discussion on Clinton has revolved around Monica Lewinsky and not on them or Kathleen Willey. Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett
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Hillary Blasts Trump, Moore for Not Accepting Responsibility on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Friday on WABC radio’s “The Rita Cosby Show,” former first lady Hillary Clinton said Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) had taken “responsibility” for his sexual misconduct, while Alabama GOP U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Donald Trump have not. Clinton said, “Look, we have a man who is accused of sexual assault sitting in the Oval Office, don’t we? And the very credible accusations against him have not been taken seriously. So I think that the Republicans have a big problem that they are going to have to address and it’s not just confined to Alabama.” She continued, “Look, Al Franken is a friend of mine, and I deeply regret what he did. There is no excuse for his behavior, none at all. But he has called for an investigation. He has apologized to the woman involved. Apparently, she has accepted the apology. I think we have got to recognize he agreed to an ethics investigation. It will go to the ethics committee. It will investigate whatever the situation was, and they’ll decide what if any action should be taken based on that behavior. I think that is the appropriate process. I think something like that coming into the public arena, and Al’s very quick acceptance of responsibility and
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EXCLUSIVE – Roy Moore: Gloria Allred’s Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are ‘Completely Untrue’

Birmingham, ALABAMA — Attorney and activist Gloria Allred’s repeated refusal to immediately release to the custody of an independent examiner the original copy of a yearbook at the center of controversy proves that “what they have alleged is completely untrue,” senatorial candidate Roy Moore stated in an interview.
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