Carson: CNN’s Acosta ‘Was an Idiot,’ Border Smuggling ‘A War’ ‘Military Experts’ Should Handle

ben carson
Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said CNN’s Jim Acosta “was an idiot” during their exchange over the border and said “this is a war” that should be turned over to “military experts” while discussing smuggling along the border on Thursday’s “Sean Hannity Show.” Carson stated of Acosta, “Yeah, he was an idiot, wasn’t he?” Carson continued that people along the border don’t have adequate support from the federal government, and “we need to turn this over to the military experts because this is a war that we’re engaged in. And there’s all kinds of things that they can use. I said we can be using drones for surveillance, and then I mentioned the fact that they have these caves. And one of the things we have to do is eliminate those caves, because that’s what the scouts, and they communicate with each other, and that’s how they guide people across
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Report: Eric Cantor to Endorse Jeb! ‘Act of Love’ Bush

Jeb Cantor Mitt
Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who was ousted in a 2014 primary by Dave Brat because of his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, will endorse Jeb! “Act of Love” Bush. According to a Politico report, Cantor will formally endorse Bush on Thursday evening “at a fundraiser in Richmond and then will appear with him Friday morning” at another campaign event. A Cantor source told the outlet that Bush and Cantor “have known each other for a long time, speak regularly and have great mutual respect for one another. Eric believes he is the only candidate with a real long-term vision for the country who can also actually implement it – not just talk about it.” Another “top Republican involved in the negotiations” reportedly said, “This is a big deal for Eric, and a big deal for Jeb.” It has come full circle for the GOP country club
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Trumka: GOP Candidates ‘Hateful and Racist’

Thursday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released a video calling unspecified Republican candidates “hateful and racist” for their immigration policies. Trumka said, “Hi, I’m Rich Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO. In the last several weeks, the subject of immigrants living and working in the U.S. has become a major part of the political debate. A very ugly and dangerous part. Many Republican presidential candidates are expressing views and offering proposals that are nothing short of un-American. These Republican candidates that all want to run our country have made a point of attacking and insulting Latinos and scapegoating all immigrants.” He continued, “Pundits can evaluate the political meaning if they want, but my view is very plain. These are hateful and racist viewpoints. They are not accidents. They are intended to demean and divide. There are no codes or hidden messages here. These candidates are telling us that they believe that some
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