Judge Jeanine: ‘There’s a Leaker in the White House’ Who ‘Must Be Taken Out’

During her Saturday opening statement on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro warned that if President Donald Trump does not find the “traitor” who is leaking information from the White House, then the country may be in “big trouble.” “[T]he president in coming home still has one huge problem and it’s not Russia, it’s not the Democrats, it’s not any of its haters,” Pirro said. “And if he doesn’t fix this problem, we are in big trouble. What is it? The leaks. Yes, leaks. There is a leaker in the White House. There is a traitor inside the people’s house — a traitor who must be taken out. That person is an enemy of the United States. That person [is] doing enormous damage not just for the president, who is certainly capable of taking care of himself, but instead to our nation.” “This leaker needs to be found immediately, no holds barred,” she added. Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent
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O’Reilly on Reports of Strife in the WH: ‘Fake’ News, ‘Crisis Is Being Manufactured’

Thursday on his “No Spin News” podcast, Bill O’Reilly weighed in on CNN reporting that there was a crisis within the members of the White House. According to O’Reilly, the supposed crisis is “fake” and is being “manufactured” by mainstream media to hurt President Donald Trump’s ability to govern. Partial transcript as follows: So in the midst of this big story, terror story, in England and the president speaking to the Pope and then going to NATO in Belgium, what do I see on CNN? White House in crisis. This is what they’re doing. This is what their lead was last night. I mean, I’m saying to myself, am I not living in the real world anymore? White House in crisis. What crisis? What crisis? There is an investigation going on on whether Russians were able to compromise people like General Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort, who worked for Trump briefly in his campaign. Were they able, the Russians, to compromise those people in some way? That’s the investigation. OK, that’s where we are right now. That’s a White House in crisis? See this is all fake. It is fake. The crisis is being manufactured. Now that being said, it
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California Ready for Single-Payer Insurance … But Who’s Going to Pay for It?

Obamacare enrollment (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
In California, after the state robs the taxpayers of their last pennies, apparently more money just falls out of the sky. That must be the conclusion reached by a California state senate committee that passed a $400 billion universal healthcare proposal Thursday with no funding plan. Yes, that’s 400 billion with a B, which is more than twice the annual budget for the entire state. Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) introduced SB 562, which calls for a sweeping overhaul of the state’s health insurance market. His committee passed the bill with a 5-2 vote, clearing the way for it to be taken up on the Senate floor next week. But Lara has yet to reveal a plan about how the state would come up with the money to provide health care to California’s nearly 40 million residents, including illegal immigrants. But in California, who cares about funding mechanisms? There’s still that $68 billion “bullet train” out there going nowhere. The state doubled down on increasing services for illegals after President Donald Trump pledged to tighten the nation’s borders. And just last month, the state legislature decided to levy even more taxes on gasoline purchases, as Californians will be paying $1 in taxes for every gallon
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