EXCLUSIVE — CA Lawmaker on Trump vs. Cruz Primary Strategy: ‘Our Campaign Is in the Streets, Not at the Convention’

Trump and Cruz in three quarter profile AP Photos
BURLINGAME, California — California Republican state Senator Joel Anderson, who endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday when he introduced the billionaire at a sold out luncheon that kicked off the California GOP Convention, spoke exclusively to Breitbart News about the Trump campaign’s strategy in California.
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EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Mason Slams Sanders As ‘Self-Hating Jew’ Over Candidate’s Israel Criticism

Jackie Masopn
During a radio interview set to be broadcast on Sunday, comic legend Jackie Mason stepped up his rhetoric against Sen. Bernie Sanders for the latter’s repeated criticism of Israel. Mason, who refers to himself as the “Ultimate Jew,” called Sanders an “anti-Semite and a “viciously self-hating Jew.”
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