NY Post: Report Raises Questions About ‘Clinton Cash’ from Russians During ‘Reset’

A report out Monday, “From Russia With Money — Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset and Cronyism,” raises serious questions about the cash connections between the Clintons and participants in the State Department’s failed five-year effort to improve, or “reset,” US-Russia relations during Hillary’s reign as secretary of state.
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Breitbart News Sunday — Madness: July Ends with Explosive News Cycle

On Breitbart News Sunday this evening on SiriusXM 125 The Patriot Channel from 7 to 10 p.m. ET, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow will talk to an array of guests including Milo Yiannopoulos, Patrick Caddell, and Peter Schweizer. Guests and topics include: -Ezra Dulis on his forthcoming piece, “Hillary ‘Really Proud’ of Clinton Foundation — but Hid It Completely from DNC.” -Breitbart Senior Editor MILO Yiannopoulos on being banned from social media, covering the DNC, and spending time in a drastically changed London. -Democratic pollster and Breitbrt Contributor Patrick Caddell will talk about Reuters manipulating polls to boost Hillary Clinton and the state of the Democratic Party after their chaotic convention. -Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer on his new op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections.” -Reporters Julia Hahn and Neil McCabe will discuss a major new polling initiative by Breitbart News Network that launches tonight. -National Security editor Frances Martel will discuss security fears days ahead of the Rio Olympics and Erdogan’s Turkey, post-coup. Listen online on SiriusXM On Demand and call in to the show at 866 95 PATRIOT.
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WSJ: Even Rejected Asylum Seekers Don’t Leave Germany

MUNICH, GERMANY - JULY 31:  German chancellor Angela Merkel attends a memorial service for the victims of last week's shooting spree that left nine victims dead on July 31, 2016 in Munich, Germany. David Ali Sonboly, an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent, killed nine people in a shooting spree near and in a shopping center before killing himself in a park. Investigators have found evidence Sonboly found inspiration in the 2011 mass shooting in Norway by Anders Breivik.  (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)
From the Wall Street Journal BERLIN—Germany rejected more than 3,000 asylum applications by migrants from Afghanistan in the first half of this year. The number of Afghans deported in the same period: 129. A series of violent attacks by asylum seekers in Germany has highlighted the security implications of the massive influx of migrants and the challenge of getting people deemed not in need of protection to actually leave. The government is looking for ways to speed the departure of thousands of people whose asylum requests are denied—and has even enlisted consulting giant McKinsey & Co. to help. “An asylum-seeker who gets rejected must also leave—either voluntarily or via a forced departure,” said Burkhard Lischka, a lawmaker specializing in domestic policy for the center-left Social Democrats. “Otherwise you might as well throw our asylum system in the trash.” Security officials have commissioned a McKinsey study to analyze “the entire chain of repatriation efforts,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said. “We have achieved some things already,” she said Thursday. “But we aren’t progressing as much as is hoped.” As of the end of May, more than 220,000 foreigners were technically under orders to leave Germany, although many had been granted a temporary reprieve.
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Top London Cop Warns Terror Attack Is ‘When, Not If’ Scenario

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain cannot be fully protected against terrorism and an attack similar to those seen recently in mainland Europe is a question of “when, not if,” London’s police chief said on Sunday. The warning by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe reflects Britain’s current “severe” threat level for international terrorism and follows a string of attacks in Germany and France, some of which have been linked to Islamic militants. Hogan-Howe acknowledged that people in Britain were becoming increasingly worried they could be next. “I feel and understand that fear, and as the police officer in charge of preventing such an attack, know that you want me to reassure you. I am afraid I cannot do that entirely,” he said in a blog posted online on Sunday and printed in the Mail on Sunday newspaper. “Our threat level has been at “severe” for two years — it remains there. It means an attack is highly likely — you could say it is a case of when, not if.” Britain’s newly-appointed security minister Ben Wallace said he had met owners and operators of the country’s biggest shopping centres to discuss their security plans. “In light of events in Germany and France,
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ISIS Admits Using Migration For Terror: ‘If Door of Migration Closes, Door of Jihad Opens’

BAGHDAD/CAIRO (Reuters) – Islamic State, losing territory and on the retreat in Iraq and Syria, has claimed credit for a surge in global attacks this summer, most of them in France and Germany. The wave of attacks followed a call to strike against the West during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in June and July, in an apparent shift in strategy by the jihadist group, which has been hammered by two years of U.S.-led coalition air strikes and ground advances by local forces. Instead of urging supporters to travel to its self-proclaimed caliphate, it encouraged them to act locally using any means available. “If the tyrants close the door of migration in your faces, then open the door of jihad in theirs and turn their actions against them,” said an audio clip purportedly from spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, referring to Western governments’ efforts to keep foreign fighters from travelling to the join the group. Radicalised followers have responded to that call repeatedly in the past two months, in countries part of the international coalition battling Islamic State, including shooting people at a Florida nightclub, running them over with a truck in the French Riviera, and hacking them with an
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