Larry Kudlow Spars with Barney Frank — Says Trump Could Be GOP Nominee and Would Beat Hillary

In an appearance on CNBC on Thursday, long-time network personality Larry Kudlow took on former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) over what could happen in the 2016 presidential political cycle. According to Kudlow, there is a pathway for current GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump to win the nomination. “First of all, I think if Donald Trump finishes second in Iowa, if he wins New Hampshire and he wins South Carolina, and I think those are plausible scenarios, he is going to be the GOP nominee. He is going to be the nominee,” Kudlow said. “I think he’s very close to getting to that spot, running TV ads as you know.” Kudlow went on add if it were a Trump versus Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton match-up in the 2016 general election, he sees Trump winning going away because Clinton is a flawed candidate. “I think Trump beats Clinton, substantially,” he replied “I think that Hillary is a weak candidate. She’s got so many weights around her neck and ankles, including her husband, including Barack Obama, including her flawed diplomacy with respect to Iran and Libya, including the al Qaeda issues, including by the way, the economy. Let’s face it. You have
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Heilemann: ‘All Sides’ Will Turn Obama Into a ‘Piñata’ If Israel Spying Report True

Wednesday evening on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” while discussing  a Wall Street Journal report saying the Obama administration is spying on friendly world leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his conversations with members of Congress, co-host John Heilemann predicted both Republicans and Democrats would turn on Obama if it is true. Heilemman asked his guest co-host Nicolle Wallace, “How big is this? On a scale of one to Godzilla, what are the implications that might come out?” Wallace replied, “I think this is like Godzilla’s daddy. This is a big Godzilla. This could have political ramifications inter-party. It would be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton parts ways, with the Obama White House who obviously had a hand in this if you believe the reporting on this “The Wall Street Journal” account. And whether or not Ted Cruz goes off from the more establishment types running for the Republican nomination. And whether they divide among themselves. Obviously, I think this will have a huge ramification for foreign policy and diplomatic relations with Israel. For the White House’s ability to deal with Congress. But also within each party on the presidential campaign.” Heilemman said, “I totally agree. This is
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Lieberman: Iran Has ‘Gone Out of Its Way’ to Spite U.S. Since Deal — NSA Snooping on Congress ‘Wrong’

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) argued that since the Iran nuclear agreement “the Iranian regime has gone out of its way to put its finger in America’s eye” on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.” Lieberman said that Iran running rocket tests near U.S. ships is “another piece of an argument that says that the administration’s faith, if you will, hope, that signing a nuclear deal with Iran would loosen up Iran, would make Iran more moderate, was not based on fact. In fact, since the agreement, the Iranian regime has gone out of its way to put its finger in America’s eye.” He added, “There has to be pressure now on the administration to make sure that Iran keeps the word that it gave in this agreement. As bad as the agreement is, Iran made some promises, but they’re not keeping them. The whole investigation that the International Atomic Energy Agency did, on whether they had potential military developments of their program. We’ve settled for an incomplete investigation. The Iranian testing of nuclear missiles, of ballistic missiles, contrary to UN resolution, we’re kind of turning our eyes away from that. If we do that, the Iranians are just
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***Live Updates*** College Football Playoff

college football playoff GettySporting News
Oklahoma and Clemson square off in the Orange Bowl in the first game of the College Football Playoff. Alabama and Michigan State battle in the Cotton Bowl in the second national semifinal. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates throughout the games. Oklahoma is seeking to avenge all of its losses from last year by beating Clemson. And though the Sooners hold the early lead, I think Clemson, as it has done all season whether they were playing great or poorly, makes one more play to beat the Sooners. Clemson walloped Oklahoma last year in the Russell Athletic Bowl without Baker Mayfield. But Clemson did not have Deshaun Watson in that game and won with Cole Stoudt at quarterback. A lot has changed, of course. Clemson lost a ton of talent on defense and Oklahoma seems like it has all the momentum like Ohio State did last year. But Oklahoma has struggled this year against tough, physical defenses like Texas and Tennessee. And Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables, who was Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops’s defensive coordinator during the Sooners’s glory years the last decade, seems to get Stoops’s tendencies, and that may make all the difference in crunch
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