Trump: Rubio and Bush Being Friendly is ‘Political Bullsh*t’

[Warning: Adult language] Wednesday at a campaign event at Keene High School in Keene, NH, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said his rivals Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) “hate each other,” and when either tells the media they respect each other, it is “political bullshit.” Trump said, “So everybody said, ‘Rubio will never run’ — the great genius pundits there on Fox and CNN and MSNBC. They’re all there and, ‘Oh, no, he’ll never run.’ He runs. They’re all wrong. Very disloyal. It was disloyal. Very young, he runs. And they ask Bush, ‘What do you think of Rubio?’ Rubio comes out and he’s talking about Bush and, you know, what do you think of Rubio? ‘He’s my dear friend. He’s so wonderful. I love him so much.’ Then there’s Rubio, who’s running against Bush, and he probably shouldn’t be from a loyalty standpoint, the veterans know what I mean about loyalty, Right? Right? Right? So they ask Rubio, what do you think of Bush? ‘He’s my dear friend, wonderful, just wonderful.’ They hate each other. They hate. Trust me, I  know. They hate so much. They hate more than anybody in this room hates
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Rubio: ‘We’re Back to 1979,’ US ‘Relegated to Second-Tier’ With Regards to Russia

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio stated, “we’re back to 1979″ and that the US “been relegated to second-tier with regards to the Russians” on Wednesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.” Rubio said, “we’re back to 1979, you know, that era where the Russians were doing whatever they wanted — or the Soviets at that time, around the world, where Iran was taking our hostages, and we were impotent to do anything about it. In essence, in many [cases], we’re reminiscent of that era in which America appeared to be decline in the eyes of the world. And today, now we have president and a country that’s been relegated to second-tier with regards to the Russians and what they’re doing under Vladimir Putin, at the UN this week, and so forth. It now appears like he’s the one that’s leading the charge and taking bold stands. But look, let’s not be confused…the first airstrikes they conducted were [in] an area that quite frankly, neither ISIS nor al-Nusra [are] overly active. It’s areas that they’re targeting other opponents of the Assad regime, and this — they know are going to have a permanent air base, of significant magnitude, in Syria, as
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FNC’s Griffin: Putin ‘Outrageously Played’ Obama, Ignored Their Agreement

Wednesday on AM970’s “The John Gambling Show,” Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin explained Russia is not bombing ISIS in Syria, but instead civilians opposed to Bashar al-Assad, and President Putin “played” President Obama by bypassing their agreement to share information after meeting Monday. Griffin said, “President Putin met with President Obama for 90 minutes on Monday in New York at the U.N. They had an arrangement of how they were going to share information to de-conflict militarily operations in Syria. Putin essentially bypassed that, I’m told by U.S. officials, and essentially sent a three-star Russian general into the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and said you have an hour to get your planes out of Northern Syria. Now the U.S. military has come out strong today saying they will not move their planes. They continued airstrikes against ISIS but this is leading to a very tense situation—a showdowns of sorts—and the U.S. military is in a terrible position over in Iraq and Syria.” “What is outrageous is the president of the United States meets with the president of Russia and just 24 hours later, the Russians surprise the Americans and begin airstrikes in a country where the U.S. and
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Putin Muscles in on Syria, Obama Cowers

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said in his April 2005 state of the nation address that the “collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century.” Putin, an old KGB operative, yearns for the days of the USSR, when the Soviets vied with the Americans for global power. He’s spent well over a decade trying to rebuild that lost legacy in the Middle East.
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