Sen. Cornyn’s ‘Lipstick’ Border Bill Provides Cover for 2017 Amnesty, Say Critics

An unpublished border-security bill drafted by Texas Sen. John Cornyn does not curb employers’ ability to hire low-wage illegals, and endorses less than 10 miles of extra border wall, but immigration experts say it may provide political cover for a 2017 amnesty push by Democrats and business groups. “There are a lot of sound things and necessary things [in the bill], but there are a lot of necessary things that are conspicuously missing … it looks like more of half-hearted attempt into fooling the public than a step forward in enforcement,” said Jessica Vaughan, the policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “There’s nothing on E-Verify [for verifying the legality of job appliants], there’s nothing on worksite enforcement at all, so I’m a little bit skeptical how much difference it would make” for actually reducing illegal immigration, said Vaughan, who described the bill as “lipstick on a pig.” “I can’t help but wonder if it is designed to be combined with an amnesty,” Vaughan told Breitbart. “It would be the typical kind of ‘Grand Bargain’ offer of some enforcement with a massive amnesty and possibly other kinds of [foreign worker] visa programs,” she said. Pro-American immigration reforms, including Vaughan, say
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