Rand Paul: ‘Somebody Should Go To Jail’ For Trump Intel Leaks

Tuesday on CNN’s “Wolf,” while discussing leaks about the unverified dossier on President-elect Donald Trump and Russia and leaks about the intelligence briefing received by the president-elect, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) doubled down on a claim he made last week suggesting jail time for the parties behind the leak. Partial transcript as follows: PAUL: I think it’s unseemly that people in our intelligence community, the CIA director, is out there giving press conferences, criticizing the incoming president — I think that’s inexcusable and I would not have anybody in the CIA that’s publicly criticizing the president. It’s not their job, it’s not their role and it’s frankly, unseemly, and it takes away from the credibility. Look, the intelligence community has had a great loss of credibility in the last couple of years. James Clapper came to the Senate and lied under oath. Now we have the head of the CIA publicly criticizing the incoming president. I think that’s not the role of the CIA. The CIA should be in the background trying to protect our country and not out there trying to score political points. I think it’s a terrible and tragic day, and it hurts all of our intelligence
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Rand Paul: Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Shouldn’t be ‘Immune from Criticism’

rand paul
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” in commenting on Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) saying, “I don’t see the president-elect as a legitimate president,” and the controversy over President-elect Trump’s tweets criticizing Lewis, Sen. Rand Paul said (R-KY) Lewis is not “immune from criticism’ because he is a civil rights icon. Paul added, “John Lewis is a partisan. I have a great deal of respect for him, but he is a partisan and I disagree with him on issues. I should be able to honestly disagree with him and not have it all come back to I have no appreciation for a civil rights icon because of this and I think that’s the part I think somehow is unfair in this.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN
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Rand Paul: There Is a ‘Growing Momentum’ Among GOP to Replace Obamacare Same Day We Repeal

Monday on CNN’s “Wolf,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said there was “growing momentum” for replacing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the same day of its repeal. Paul said, “There is a consensus position on the vast majority of what Republicans do for replacement. We’re putting it together, and we will put it forward. I will do everything in my power to have a vote on it the day we repeal Obamacare, I want a vote on replacement. And we’ll see where I get with that, but there’s a growing momentum both among Senate Republicans and among House Republicans that we should vote on replacement the same day we vote on repeal.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN
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Paul: If GOP Doesn’t Replace Obamacare ‘Within Months,’ Insurance Companies Will Go Bankrupt

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Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s News HQ,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said while he supports repealing the Affordable Care Act, it must be replaced immediately or “within months of repealing it, you will lead to further bankruptcies in the insurance industry.” Paul said, “Well here’s the interesting thing about Obamacare, they wanted to provide insurance for everybody, even if you were already sick, preexisting conditions, but they could only pay for it if they forced all of the healthy people to buy insurance through  a mandate. It’s not working so well. What is happening is not enough healthy people are buying insurance and the rates for individual insurance went through the roof and yet insurance companies are still failing and threatening bankruptcy.” He added, “Here is the problem. If you repeal the individual mandate that forces young people to buy insurance less young healthy people buy insurance and the system will spiral quicker. I’m for getting rid of the mandate. I am for repealing Obamacare, but you have to replace it. If you don’t replace it, my prediction is within months of repealing it, you will lead to further bankruptcies in the insurance industry.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter
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Rand Paul: ‘Unrealistic,’ Unfair to Expect Trump to Sell All of His Businesses

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said it is “unrealistic” to expect President-elect Donald Trump to sell off all of his business interests. Paul said, “You know, I think when people voted for Donald Trump they realized he owned a lot of stuff with his name on it. The concern seems to be higher in the media than the public. People say he has to sell his stuff. How would you possibly sell 700 companies in a fire sale and hope to get what they were worth?” “That’s an unrealistic standard they’re trying to hold him to. He has to do everything he can to set up a firewall between him and his businesses,” he continued. “I think it’s unrealistic for people to say he should sell all of his businesses. It’s not like stock. We have presidents that have put their stock into account and didn’t know what their stock mix is and Donald Trump agreed he would do the same. It’s a little different when you spend 30 years developing all these companies that we just ask him to sell them. I don’t think that’s a fair request.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN
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