BleachBit Creator: ‘Hard to Imagine’ Clinton Used Program For Anything Other Than ‘Permanently’ Removing Info So No One Could Find It

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” BleachBit creator and co-founder Andrew Ziem stated that it’s “hard to imagine” Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used BleachBit on her server for “anything else other than trying to permanently remove information, and make it so that no one else could find it.” Ziem said, “There are different ways to using the program, but if used correctly, what [Rep.] Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said is true, that even God can’t read these emails.” He added that BleachBit, while it can delete data from the server it was run on, can’t wipe data from other servers. When asked what purpose BleachBit is used for, Ziem responded, “People use BleachBit for different reasons, sometimes someone’s just trying to clean up their system, and make extra space. However, in Hillary Clinton’s case, it’d be hard to argue that, on an email server, that she would be trying to make extra space. … My understanding of the timeline is, first, she was asked to turn over this information to the FBI, and then she ran the BleachBit software to wipe her server clean. And, in that situation, it’s hard to