CNN’s Amanpour on Hillary’s Health: ‘Can’t a Girl Have a Sick Day or Two?’

Monday on CNN International’s “Amanpour,” while commenting on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton public episode causing her to leave a 9/11 memorial service in New York Sunday morning, host Christiane Amanpour wondered, “Can’t a girl have a sick day or two?” Amanpour said, “Finally tonight, imagine a world where you can’t slow down, you absolutely cannot can’t get sick. This weekend after attending a 9/11 memorial in New York after more than a year of relentless campaigning, the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, fell ill and these pictures have boomeranged across the world. Several hours later the campaign revealed the former secretary of state had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. But surely this can’t be a case of a human being having an off day. Nope. Like so many things Hillary, the media are having a field day, off to the races with another debilitating case of indignant outrage. This must be another typical Clinton conspiracy to fool them with total transparency breakdown. Talk about a transparency breakdown—what about Donald Trump’s tax returns? Where are they? Can’t a girl have a sick day or two? Don’t get me started because when it comes to overqualified women having to try 100 times