Comey: Clinton Allowed People Without Security Clearances To Have Access To Classified Material On Her Server

During testimony before Congress on Thursday, FBI Director James Comey stated that people without the proper security clearance did have access to classified material on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s server. Comey said, “I don’t think any of the correspondents on the classified emails were uncleared people. These were all people with clearances, working, doing State Department business, on the unclass system.” He added, “[T]here’s no doubt that uncleared people had access to the server, because even after Pagliano, there were others who maintained the server who were private sector folks.” He then pegged the number of people without clearances who had access to the server as “probably more than two, less than ten.” He was then asked, “Did Secretary Clinton’s attorneys have the security clearances needed?” He responded, “They did not.” After Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who was questioning Comey said, “Hillary Clinton gave direction to her attorneys, without a security clearance, to go through documents that were classified.” Comey responded, “I think that’s what happened, in fact. Whether that was the direction is a question I can’t answer sitting here.” Chaffetz later asked, “[I]s there a reasonable expectation that Hillary Clinton would send and