GOP Rep Susan Brooks: Admin Spent Two Hours Discussing How To Go Into Benghazi ‘Without Truly Offending Libya’ During Benghazi

On Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live,” Representative Susan Brooks (R-IN) stated that the Benghazi Select Committee, which she served on, uncovered that “there was a White House secure video conference that took place, we did not know that previously. That Secretary Clinton participated in, and other White House officials…and they had discussions for over two hours about how to go in without truly offending Libya, how to send people to Tripoli, never to Benghazi.” Brooks said, “I, and members of the committee are very concerned as to why the secretary and the State Department didn’t follow recommendations that have made — been made by previous ARBs or Accountability Review Boards. First and foremost, the secretary of state, whether it was Secretary Clinton at the time or Secretary Kerry now, is responsible for security of their people. Security should be a top priority. And in fact, in 2010, when Secretary Clinton ordered a review of processes, there was a strong recommendation made that changes should be made about how the State Department handled security. That was rejected by Under Secretary Kennedy, and they went with the status quo, or what they call regular order. So things should have changed before this incident ever