Hillary: Hate Unleashed By Divisive Campaign Rhetoric Contributed to Dallas, We All ‘May Still Have’ ‘Implicit Bias’

Friday, on MSNBC, while discussing a sniper targeting Dallas police officers in an attack that killed five and wounding seven, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said the “very divisive and hateful rhetoric,” in the presidential campaign has helped to create an environment that allowed the murders to happen. Partial Transcript as Follows: LESTER HOLT: Madam Secretary, it seems we have been stuck on this conversation about race in this country in a perpetual loop, and we’re not getting very far. Some would argue, we’ve slipped backwards.             President Obama has spent eight years on this, and hasn’t been able to move the needle. How will you move the needle on race relations? Is there a moonshot type strategy? HILLARY CLINTON: Well, Lester, I think everyone understands that we have some very deep divides in our country, and if we don’t start addressing them, — and that’s a matter of urgency, and it’s not just for some people to do it, but it’s for all of us to do it. Then, I believe that we will find ourselves in an even worse downward spiral. So, here’s what I believe, I believe we need a national