Hillary: Zero Chance Email Investigation Will Cause Indictment

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said there is zero chance and “no basis” that the FBI’s investigation into to her handling of classified material on her private email server during her tenure as secretary of state will result with her indictment. Partial transcript as follows: BAIER: I want to ask you about specific things quickly. One, you’ve tried to calm Democrats’ fears that there isn’t going to be another shoe dropping. What basis did you tell this radio station, 1070 radio on Friday, that there is absolutely no possibility of an indictment? Has anybody from the DOJ talked to you or your representatives? CLINTON: I will repeat what I said. That is not going to happen. There is no basis for it and I’m looking forward to this being wrapped up as soon as possible. BAIER: Has anybody from the FBI talked to you or your representatives? CLINTON: I know that they’ve been interviewing a number of people and I’ve told people to cooperate. And I’m looking forward to also participating. I’ve offered to do so since last August. BAIER: You have said, ‘I’ll talk to anybody any time.’ But you didn’t