LISTEN: Steven Woolfe Blasts Sadiq’s ‘Shameful’ Immigration Message

Prominent UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe has condemned London mayor Sadiq Khan’s assertion that migrants should not have to assimilate. Speaking to Breitbart London’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, Mr Woolfe also warned the London mayor is unwise to insult supporters of ‘Brexit’ and Donald Trump as populism stirs across the Western world. The Manchester-born MEP branded Mr Khan’s message to a Chicago audience, that migrants should not be forced to assimilate, “shameful” on the Breitbart News Saturday show. Responding to Mr Khan’s remarks, Mr Woolfe said: “Nonsense. Ridiculous. Shameful. That’s exactly the sort of thing his comments are.” The UKIP MEP recalled his own mixed heritage and the experiences of his family members who migrated to the UK: “They didn’t stand there and say ‘I’m going to have my own culture, isolated from the British culture. They integrated, they assimilated, they got on. They went to our schools, they went to work with us. They support us in terms of cricket and football, our major sports. They’d get onside and get on and compete, with our flag.” “And that is the importance of assimilation and integration, because we all then shared the same flag, the same culture, the same belief that we