Lynch: I Will Fully Accept Career Investigators’ Finding But I Will Not Recuse Myself

Friday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Attorney General Loretta Lynch answered questions about the process going forward in the email investigation into presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email sever during her tenure as secretary of state. The issue has been a focus particularly after Lynch’s reported meeting earlier in the week with former President Bill Clinton. Lynch said she would not recuse herself but she would fully accept the recommendations of the career investigators now handling the case. Partial transcript as follows: JONATHAN CAPEHART: Having the highest integrity, utmost solid judgment, so when people heard what went down in Phoenix, a lot of people are like, I mean, friends, supporters, backers, are saying what on earth was she thinking? Talking to Bill Clinton. So what on earth were you thinking? What happened? LORETTA LYNCH: Well that’s the question of the day, isn’t it. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable question. I ts the question that is called by what happened in Phoenix because people have also wondered and raised questions about my role in the ultimate resolution of matters involving the investigation into the state department e-mails. and to the extent that people have questions