Rush Limbaugh: ‘What Is This, the George W Bush Version of Hillary’s Deplorables?’

Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh offered his thoughts on former President George W. Bush’s remarks earlier in the day that some have suggested were calling out supporters of President Donald Trump. In his remarks in New York City, Bush criticized bigotry and white supremacy in society and added that “nationalism distorted into nativism” was evident in politics. Limbaugh reacted by asking if this was Bush’s way of calling out the “deplorables” 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke out about publicly during her campaign. Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of LIMBAUGH: George W. Bush did not say much of anything for the eight years of the regime of Barack Hussein O. He didn’t write a letter. He often said, “Hey, I had my eight years. I’m not gonna comment on my successor. It’s not the way we former presidents do things,” unless you’re Bill Clinton or Algore; then you do. But George W. Bush never did. I don’t think Bush had anything to say about Clinton when he took over in 2000, and I don’t think he had a thing to say while Obama was unwinding his agenda. And this, again, is something I