Schweizer: ‘I Know the FBI Is Investigating the Clinton Foundation’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Breitbart editor at large and author of “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer laid out how then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steered a so-called technology partnership with the Russian government that may have put the United States’ national security at risk. Schweizer’s report, which first appeared in a Wall Street Journal piece published in Monday’s edition, also noted that both Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton benefited financially by giving high-paid speeches to and receiving donations for their family charity from the actors involved in the partnership. At the end of the segment, he also revealed that it was his belief the FBI was investigating the Clinton Foundation. Transcript as follows: HANNITY: And welcome back to “Hannity.” “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer is out with a damning new report that shows during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, well, she helped create a technology partnership with Russia that could have put America’s national security at risk. Now, Schweizer explains some of his findings in a Wall Street Journal article, saying, quote, “Clinton’s handling of a major technology transfer initiative at the heart of Washington’s effort to reset relations with Russia raises serious questions about her record.”