Top Dem. Pollster: Trump Can Win Election if He Has ‘One Sane Month’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gestures following his speach during a campaign rally in Austin, Texas, August 23, 2016.
Peter Hart, a Democrat and one of the country’s most respected pollsters, admitted on Friday that Donald Trump can win the White House if he has “one sane month” on the campaign trail. After conducting a focus group of Wisconsin voters last night for the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, Hart appeared on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” and said voters “don’t trust Clinton to give them an honest answer and they don’t trust Trump to be a safe leader.” When host Chuck Todd asked Hart which candidate had the best chance of winning the election and undecided voters after conducting the focus group if he had no idea of any of the current poll numbers, Hart said that Trump did because he has the “better hand.” “I say that as a Democratic pollster,” Hart said, adding that though voters think Trump is “crazy” and “off the board,” if “he had a sane month, which is probably impossible, he would get a full listen from these voters. They still want change and they’re unhappy with what’s going on.” Hart said voters cannot relate to Clinton and “sense that there is a glass curtain. They can’t reach her. They feel that