Trump Gives Platform to ‘Angel Moms’ and Families on Immigration Speech Stage

During his speech Wednesday in Phoenix, AZ, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump granted time and attention during his highly anticipated immigration speech to a highly regarded group of Americans know as the “Angel Moms,” who are among the many whose sons, daughters, spouses, cousins and loved ones have been killed by foreign illegal immigrants in the United States. Trump warned during his speech, “What we do know, despite the lack of media curiosity, is that Hillary Clinton promises a radical amnesty combined with a radical reduction in immigration enforcement, just ask the Border Patrol about Hillary Clinton, you won’t like what you’re hearing. The result will be millions more illegal immigrants, thousands of more violent, horrible crimes and total chaos and lawlessness. That’s what gonna happen as sure as you’re standing there.” The “Angel Mom” parents began filing onto the stage as Trump moved to greet them, hugging a few. “I’ve become friends with so many, but, Jamiel Shaw, incredible guy, lost his son so violently … say just a few words about your child,” Trump said to the first mom to the microphone. Legal immigrant and mother Agnes Gibboney said: My son Ronald da Silva, was murdered April 27, 2002 by an illegal alien