Watch: Viral Belgian Politician’s Takedown of ‘Weak, Globalist, Obsessed by Multiculturalism’ Hillary

Belgian People’s Party leader Mischaël Modrikamen has released a second video in support of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump after garnering millions of hits for his declaration that “America should not become another Brussels”. Shooting to prominence after his first short video — released just hours before the Brussels terror attack in March this year — Mr. Modrikamen has once again slammed Hillary Clinton and called on Mr. Trump to help save America. Repeating his call that the United States should not fall to the interests of globalism and multiculturalism as Western Europe has, Mr. Modrikamen says: [The] Election is now close. Hillary Clinton is just the kind of politician we have here in Western Europe. Weak, globalist, obsessed by multiculturalism, despising ordinary people, but bending to elites and corporate interests. Right now in Europe, we face migrant invasion, terrorism, violence, rapes. Our way of living is under attack, and industry jobs disappear fast. Our current leaders failed. And candidate Clinton is just like them. Linking the candidacy of Donald Trump with the very fate of Western civilisation, the People’s Party leader delivers his call of support for Mr. Trump against a montage of images showing a traditional European family when speaking of