What is ‘Verrit’? New Pro-Hillary Site’s Name Means ‘To Conceal’… Among Other Hilarious Things

Verrit — a new pro-Hillary Clinton website — gained attention last night amidst questionable claims it was subject to a denial of service attack. But the question I had was: “What does ‘Verrit’ mean?” According to the site itself, “verrit” is a verified item of information marked with a 7-digit identification code. But the word has some curious etymological roots, the likes of which it appears founder and CEO Peter Daou failed to check. 1 — Verro (noun) This is where “verrit” as a word itself finds its first root. It’s Latin, and in the singular form means “swine.” How unfortunate. 2. In Albanian, the word means to “drag on the ground.” How appropriate. 3. In Ancient Greek, it means “to move slowly, or limp.” Remind you of anyone?   3 — Verrō (verb) There are a number of ways to take the word as a verb. One means “to scrape or scour,” another means to “carry off,” another means to “cover, hide, or conceal.” Again… perfect! Lesson number one when you’re trying to come up with a “cool” social media name for your new website: research what the word means. Wow. Never realized how absolutely freaked out some would be at the thought of Hillary