Clinton And Murphy Are Wrong For Florida

Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s campaign stops in Florida, the Rubio campaign released the following statement comparing her record to Patrick Murphy’s:

“As Hillary Clinton gets ready to campaign in Florida this week, it’s a reminder of the disastrous Iran deal and many failed liberal policies that she and Patrick Murphy have continued to support at the expense of Floridians. Patrick Murphy and Hillary Clinton have a lot in common, including being strangers to the truth, exaggerating their records, and being out of touch with the middle class and Floridians.” – Olivia Perez-Cubas, Rubio spokeswoman



Hillary Clinton

In A September 2015 Speech At The Brookings Institute, Clinton Offered What “Amounted To A Strong Endorsement” Of The Iran Nuclear Deal. “With Donald J. Trump rallying at the Capitol Wednesday against President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, Hillary Rodham Clinton embraced the agreement a short distance away. But she warned it would work only ‘as part of a larger strategy toward Iran’ that contained Tehran’s power in the region as sanctions are lifted. Mrs. Clinton’s speech, at the Brookings Institution, amounted to a strong endorsement of the deal struck by President Obama and her successor as secretary of state, John Kerry, though one laced with skepticism about Iran’s intentions.” (David E. Sanger And Amy Chozick, “Hillary Clinton Backs Iran Nuclear Deal, With Caveats,” The New York Times, 9/9/15)

Patrick Murphy

In September 2015, Murphy Voted To Approve The Iran Nuclear Deal. “Passage of the bill that would express Congress’ approval of the Iran nuclear agreement signed on July 14, 2015 between United States, Iran and five other nations.” (H R 3461, Roll Call Vote #493: Failed 162-269, R 0-244, D 162-25, 9/11/15, Murphy Voted Yea; CQ Summary, Accessed 6/26/16)

Murphy Touted That He “Stood With President” In Supporting The Iran Nuclear Deal. “Hoping to revive their party into an effective force in county politics, Hillsborough County Democrats held what leaders called a record-breaking fundraiser Saturday night with a local favorite as speaker, U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Patrick Murphy. A liberal firebrand known for inflammatory rhetoric, Grayson sharply criticizes Murphy on the stump while the more conservative Murphy uses a softer tone. [Murphy] began his speech at the party’s Kennedy-King fundraising dinner noting that he ‘stood with the president’ by supporting the proposed nuclear arms limiting agreement with Iran. In the speech and an interview, Murphy sought to emphasize his commitment to Democratic values, suggesting he’s just as true a Democrat as Grayson.” (William March, “Senate Candidate Murphy Burnishes His Credentials At Democratic Fundraiser,” Tampa Bay Times, 9/12/15)


Hillary Clinton

During The 2008 Campaign, Clinton Falsely Claimed To Have Landed “Under Sniper Fire” During A 1996 Trip To Bosnia. “In a foreign policy speech last week at George Washington University, Clinton used the description of a dangerous arrival to bolster her argument that she has the foreign policy experience needed to be commander in chief. She said when she arrived in Bosnia on March 25, 1996, ‘I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.’ But news video footage of her arrival at Tuzla shows Clinton, then the first lady, calmly walking from the rear ramp of a U.S. Air Force plane with her daughter, Chelsea, then 16, at her side. Both Clintons held their heads up and did not appear rushed.” (Alan Dukes, Steve Brusk, And Mike Roselli, “Clinton Says She ‘Misspoke’ About Sniper File,” CNN, 3/25/08)

Patrick Murphy

Despite Claims Of Being A CPA And A Small Business Owner, CBS4 Miami Reported That Murphy “Has Never Worked A Day In His Life As A Certified Public Accountant” And “Was Never A Small Business Owner.” “A CBS4 News investigation into Murphy’s history as both a CPA and a self-described small business owner, however, shows Murphy has in some cases exaggerated his experience and in other instances made claims that were misleading or outright false. For instance, he has never worked a day in his life as a Certified Public Accountant. And he was never a small business owner.” (Jim DeFede, “The Making Of Patrick Murphy,” CBS4 Miami, 6/22/16)


Hillary Clinton

The Washington Post Headline: “Some Democrats Fear Clinton’s Wealth And ‘Imperial Image’ Could Be Damaging In 2016” (Philip Rucker, “Some Democrats Fear Clinton’s Wealth And ‘Imperial Image’ Could Be Damaging In 2016,” The Washington Post, 6/22/14)

Between Leaving Her Post As U.S. Secretary Of State In 2012 And 2014, Hillary Clinton Earned Roughly $5 Million In Speaking Fees, “Reportedly Command[ing] $200,000 Per Speech.” “Although she regularly speaks for free at certain events, Mother Jones reported earlier this year that Clinton made roughly $5 million on the speaking circuit since stepping down as America’s top diplomat. Clinton did not dispute the figure when Sawyer asked about it. Though not as profitable as her husband – who has made as much as $750,000 in one speech – Hillary Clinton reportedly commands $200,000 per speech.” (Dan Merica, “Hillary Clinton In 2001: We Were ‘Dead Broke,’” CNN, 6/9/14)

Patrick Murphy

Murphy Spent The Fourth Of July In Nantucket Aboard His Father’s 97-Foot Yacht, “Cocktails.” “Florida Senate hopeful Patrick Murphy spent his July Fourth weekend more than 1,000 miles away from the state in Nantucket, Massachusetts, along with his father’s luxurious 97-foot yacht ‘Cocktails.’ … Cocktails can accommodate 11 guests in its cabins and sails with a nine-person crew, according to a yacht rental website. It features a deck jacuzzi, two 61 inch televisions, and an exercise gym. It can be chartered during the summer in New England for $150,000 a week, plus operating expenses.” (Brent Scher, “Florida’s Patrick Murphy Spent The Weekend In Nantucket With Family Yacht,” Washington Free Beacon, 7/6/16)

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