Farmers And Ranchers

America’s farmers and ranchers are an important source of our country’s prosperity. Marco is working to get government out of the way of agriculture so that American farmers and ranchers can build their businesses, compete as exporters, and create jobs.

Repeal Burdensome Regulations on Farmers and Ranchers

Marco is working to undo the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waters of the U.S. Rule, that will dramatically expand federal control over ponds, ditches and streams. Further, he is fighting President Obama’s carbon mandates and excessive application of the Endangered Species Act, which can, when misused, deem huge swathes of productive land off-limits for agriculture or other beneficial development.

Permanently End the Punitive Death Tax

Marco’s comprehensive pro-growth, pro-family tax reform will permanently end the death tax and allow farmers and ranchers to immediately write off the cost of new machinery and equipment. According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, the plan would raise wages and boost investment dramatically.

Oppose New Taxes on Energy

Marco is fighting the establishment of a cap-and-trade program or carbon tax, which would act as a new national energy tax on agriculture producers and raise costs for consumers. In addition, Marco is pushing for other reforms to unleash American energy production and bring down energy costs for farmers.

Curb Overregulation

Farmers and ranchers deal with huge costs imposed by the federal regulations, which interfere in labeling procedures, land use, and more. Marco has proposed a National Regulatory Budget that will cap the costs federal regulations can impose on the economy, including a limit for each individual agency. This will prevent regulators from imposing costly new rules on the agriculture sector at a whim, and give Congress the ability to rein in regulators.

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