Marco Campaigns in the Panhandle

Marco spent the day campaigning in the Panhandle yesterday, visiting with voters in Leon and Jackson counties. He started the day at a grassroots meet and greet in Tallahassee, then spoke at the Republican Party of Jackson County’s Annual Reagan Dinner in Marianna.

At each stop Marco reiterated his commitment to the Panhandle, and urged conservatives to get out the vote in both the August primary and November general elections.

In Tallahassee, Marco met with grassroots volunteers and activists…

CBS Tallahassee Covers Marco’s visit to the Panhandle:

Naples Daily News: Marco Rubio spent his time Monday with supporters in the state’s capital city talking about his bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate.
Rubio said Democratic control on Capitol Hill would hurt the country, and that the policies set in place by President Barack Obama over his two terms in office would remain. A U.S. Supreme Court justice picked by Democrats to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia would not protect the Constitution, Rubio said. “We need to act at a time when the Constitution is being tested so many times,” he said.

POLITICO: With just over one week until primary election, Marco Rubio Monday took his campaign to Tallahassee.
“Leon County has historically voted for Democrats, but there are Republicans and Republican voters here,” Rubio said of his effort to court voters in all corners of the state.

CBS Tallahassee: Marco Rubio On Campaign Trail, Stops in Tallahassee
Shaking hands and taking pictures, Rubio supporters say his decision to get in the race for the Senate is the right choice. Rubio supporter Sydney Mann said, “He’s got a super good message for the younger population, he’s pretty young himself and that sets a good example for us.”

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In Jackson County, Marco addressed conservative leaders and urged them to get out the vote…

NBC Panama City: Senator Marco Rubio visits Jackson County Republicans
Senator Rubio spoke to the crowd of around 300 people about different topics like balancing the budget and Obamacare. He also spoke about his stance on limited government and lowering taxes.


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