Rubio Left Murphy “Dazed” On Debate Stage

ABC: “[Murphy] struggled to respond to attacks from Rubio, who criticized his claims of being a small-business owner. Murphy ran a company that is a subsidiary of his father’s billion-dollar construction firm.”

CBS Tampa Bay: “Rubio hit back dropping what could be powerful accusations on Congressman Murphy. ‘There’s only one person on this stage tonight whose family made millions of dollars in partnership with Donald Trump, and that’s you.’”

Weekly Standard: “[Rubio] took advantage by outmaneuvering Democratic representative Patrick Murphy for most of a 60-minute forum that contrasted the candidates’ backgrounds and legislative records.”

Weekly Standard: “[Rubio] engaged Murphy head-on about issues before Congress and Florida, and repeatedly charged that the two-term representative was an ineffective legislator.”

Miami Herald: Murphy was “visibly flustered.”

Miami Herald: “In another signature moment of the debate, Rubio quashed a weekslong attack by Murphy…”

Florida Politics: “Rubio didn’t sound like someone who wasn’t getting anything done, ticking off bills he had sponsored into law or pushed, including Everglades restoration, human trafficking, Obamacare funding, and foreign policy.”

Tampa Bay Times: “Patrick Murphy was dazed by an uppercut.”

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