Cognitive Dissonance: Stewart Applauds Obama’s States’ Rights, Same-Sex Marriage Stance



Someone got the White House talking points. Actually, that's not fair. Religious bigot, Jon Stewart, star of the low-rated "Daily Show," doesn't need talking points to stay on message for His Precious One.

Even though Obama is openly and for the first time ever embracing states' rights on an issue that Stewart considers a civil rights issue -- a position that the Left declares racist on every other civil rights issue -- Stewart celebrates Obama's "evolution."

Even though Obama only decided to, uhm, come out after 32 out of 32 states voted to ban same-sex marriage and the day after the NC vote -- Stewart celebrates Obama's "evolution."

Even though Obama only decided to declare his support for same-sex marriage after several wealthy and high-profile backers of gay marriage threatened to withhold money -- Stewart applauds Obama's "evolution."

Even though Obama only decided to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage a day or so before he's set to make a major record-setting fundraising swing through New York and Hollywood -- Stewart applauds Obama's "evolution."

Stewart declares the vote against same-sex marriage in North Carolina "bigoted" and yet through an extraordinary act of cognitive dissonance, takes no issue with Obama singling out gays for his new-found Federalism, which is another way of saying Obama thinks NC should be allowed to pass a law that both Stewart and Obama consider to be a violation of civil rights.

Nothing, however, is more pathetic than the opening of this clip where Stewart actually says out loud that what Obama did was to put principle over politics.

In my opinion, Stewart is lying through omission to an extraordinary degree in not informing his minuscule audience about any of the mercenary qualities behind Obama's decision yesterday.

 Like the corrupt media Stewart needs to align himself with in order to get the attention he craves, all Stewart cares about is that Obama said what he wanted him to say.