Ron Paul’s “Secret Weapon:” Cooking with Mrs. Paul

The Wall Street Journal’s Elizabeth Williamson has a great story and video out today about Ron Paul’s “secret weapon:” The Ron Paul Family Cookbook

For 11 years, no bumper sticker, yard sign or YouTube video has better encapsulated the enduring appeal of Mr. Paul’s permanent political campaign than “The Ron Paul Family Cookbook,” which Mrs. Paul calls her husband’s “secret weapon.” It’s an anything-goes culinary manifesto, complete with dishes that require no excess spending or extraordinary intervention, and just a spoonful of individual determination.

Soon, Mr. Paul will be filling his plate more often. Having won enough delegates to secure his place at the Republican presidential nominating convention this summer, he will be spending less time on the campaign trail. While Mr. Paul hasn’t personally campaigned in the final few state primaries remaining in the race, his phalanx of supporters is continuing to tot up delegates, a reminder that the passionate and stubborn minority of GOP voters who pull for Mr. Paul don’t ever stop.

The cookbook itself stands for “not giving up,” says Mary Fran Sciulli, a recipe contributor from Columbus, Ohio. “It means an ongoing connection with Carol and Ron…”

In a Ron Paul administration, Americans might see the First Family sitting down to King Ranch Chicken, which is made with Doritos, or Cherry-Pineapple Dump Cake, canned fruit and pie filling topped with dry cake mix and baked…

The Pauls, who are both 76 years old, have been married for 55 years, and Mr. Paul says his wife has never made a bad meal, except for a potato chip-topped tuna casserole that was never repeated. The cookbook series was born in 1995, when Mr. Paul’s opposition to the War on Drugs opened the family to criticism.

“People started saying that Ron wanted to give drugs to kids, and Ron said, ‘Let’s show them our kids have all done well, they’re not into drugs.’ ” Mrs. Paul thought a cookbook filled with family photos, news and their personal philosophy would fill the bill…

Mrs. Paul said nobody left the table hungry. She added that her husband is “very much against making children clean their plates. He calls that ‘being a garbage can…’ “

“If you’re not hungry anymore, quit eating,” Mrs. Paul said. The Pauls have five children, including Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a Republican. He wasn’t present in the kitchen, though he, like all the Paul kids, appears in the cookbook.

Mrs. Paul describes the recipes as “libertarian with a small l,” aimed at freeing mothers to do other things besides cook. “The idea is to just use whatever’s already on the shelf,” she said.

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