10 Things Nehlen Will Do When Elected

In the 1st 60 days, I will: 1. Introduce legislation to implement the scaled tariff, which will bring hundreds of billions of dollars into the U.S. Treasury from mercantilist countries in the 1st year, and cause the biggest spike in U.S. manufacturing we’ve seen in our lifetime. 2. Introduce legislation to abolish the Puerto Rico hedge fund investor bailout and explain to U.S. taxpayers how Congress and the POTUS just set the 5th Amendment tripwire using the U.S. Versus Winstar case law as the example. 3. Sign on to HR3892 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act and vociferously defend its merits. 4. Sign on to HR3314 Resettlement Accountability National Security Act and vociferously defend its merits. 5. Sign on to HR402 National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015 and vociferously defend its merits. 6. Introduce legislation to treat remittances to Mexico same as Cuba for the last 50 years, tax them at 20% to fund border controls (i.e. wall, personnel, equipment, etc). 7. Introduce legislation to fix the VA and immediately put all members of Congress and their staffs, VA workers and their families, on VA benefits only and remove them all from Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. 8. Demand the new