***2016 LiveWire*** Trump Arrives in Mexico Before Arizona Immigration Speech

Donald Trump
Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election. Donald Trump will meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto today before giving a major immigration address in Arizona. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. — 3:40: No American flag, only Mexican flag. I guess because Trump is not a head of state or U.S. official? https://t.co/n4on3aALYO — Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) August 31, 2016 Waiting on @realDonaldTrump and @EPN in Los Pinos pic.twitter.com/ZT7akVgnFH — Chris Sherman (@chrisshermanAP) August 31, 2016 3:20: Podiums being set up for Trump and Pena Nieto. Two podiums. Does this mean separate statements? pic.twitter.com/2RGxIqUcoT — Azam Ahmed (@azamsahmed) August 31, 2016 3:10: Scene in Mexico City: MEXICO CITY — There are probably 75 int'l press people here. pic.twitter.com/mDTHJOurJI — Kevin Cirilli (@kevcirilli) August 31, 2016 MEXICO CITY — They are letting the camera ppl in and now journalists. — Kevin Cirilli (@kevcirilli) August 31, 2016   3:05: Pence in Florida: Pence in Sarasota, FL: "Donald Trump is doing what leaders do, while Hillary Clinton has been in hiding" — Ines de La Cuetara (@InesdLC) August 31, 2016 3:00: Pena Nieto’s office reportedly did not want any questions: Am told by campaign