***2016 LiveWire*** Trump at ‘Roast and Ride’ Event: Immigration Enforcement Civil Rights Issue for Blacks, Hispanics

Trump Iowa
Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election. All times eastern. — 4:42: Trump blasts the mainstream media for not highlighting his recent good poll numbers. Trump says he wants to empower the people and Clinton wants to scare people. Case in point. Here’s The Hill‘s misleading headline about a Breitbart News/Gravis national poll that shows Clinton/Trump tied and trending up: “Breitbart News poll shows Trump losing to Clinton” 4:39: Trump predicts we’ll have an “unprecedented crisis” with Clinton’s open-borders policies. He says a vote for Clinton is a vote to have “dangerous open borders where anyone can walk in and do whatever they want.” 4:37: Sarah Root’s (their daughter was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk) family blasts the Obama administration for letting their family down. They vow to fight to ensure other families don’t experience their tragedy. Trump mentions that there is a reason his campaign has been endorsed by Border Patrol agents. 4:36: Interesting: Very few people in the mainstream press are highlighting Trump’s remarks about how enforcing the country’s immigration laws is a civil rights issue as well for American citizens–and legal residents–of all backgrounds. It’s because they know that message