ABC’s Stephanopoulos: After Trump’s First Six Months, ‘Can His Presidency Survive?’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked if after his first six months in office, could the presidency of Donald Trump “survive?” Stephanopoulos said, “Six months ago this week, President Trump took the oath of office vowing to make America great again. He promised a border wall paid for by Mexico, the end of Obamacare, tax cuts for everyone. He claims to have signed more bills at this point than any president ever. That is not true. Three signature promises unkept. Unclear if they ever will. His approval rating is the lowest of any president ever at this point. Though Trump has kept a strong hold on his core voters. He can take comfort in a strong economy, with low unemployment, the stock market at record highs. One big promise the president surely has made good on, the promise to shake up Washington. The question now, can his presidency survive the aftershocks?” He continued, “As the Russia investigations by Congress and the special counsel intensify this week, the president responded as he did when faced with crises in his private life by hunkering down, lashing out, shaking up his team, attacking his investigators. Trump is braced for battle.