ADL Calls Trump Plan to Ban Anti-Semites ‘Anti-Semitic’

AP Photo
The total transformation of the once hallowed Anti-Defamation League may now be complete. Established more than 100 years ago to fight Jew hatred at home and abroad, has the ADL now done a 180?  Has its core mission changed from fighting anti-semitism to defending it?  That’s the question clearly raised by the ADL’s instant condemnation of Donald Trump’s call Monday to ban anti-semites from entering the United States. Not surprisingly, the ADL was no outlier. Another legendary Jewish group, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, almost just as quickly did precisely the same thing. Ironic isn’t it? Groups that routinely accuse the GOP Presidential nominee of fostering anti-Semitism are the very first to condemn him for trying to keep Jew haters from entering the United States, either as refugees or immigrants. Liberal Jewish Congressman Ted Deutsch (D-FL) responded to the proposal by claiming Jews were ‘repelled’ by Trump’s suggestion and accusing him of inflaming anti-semitism. Making matters worse; today’s Jew hatred is deadlier than ever. Both the pervasiveness and shocking virulence of anti-Semitism in the Muslim and Arab world is so pronounced that the drafters of the Pew 2011 Global Attitudes Survey tried to bury their own findings; at least 96% of respondents in every Muslim majority