Analysts: EU Referendum To Boost Populism Across Europe

Morgan Stanley analysts have said whatever its result, the UK’s referendum will likely boost populism across Europe. Analysts from the financial services corporation have argued that a vote to leave the European Union (EU) will embolden populist parties. They cautioned that even with a Remain vote, however, the “voter backlash” against established parties is likely just beginning. The Morgan Stanley team remarked: “The political fragmentation that currently manifests itself in an increasingly populist debate about the UK’s EU membership is neither limited to the UK or Europe nor is it likely to dissipate quickly, we think. “In our view, the voter backlash against established political parties and international institutions is only starting.” Noting France, Germany and the Netherlands have elections in the next year or so and that Italy has an upcoming referendum, the analysts pointed to a rising tide of populism in all four nations. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’s anti-Islamisation Party for Freedom enjoys growing support while in France, Front National’s Marine Le Pen leads presidential polls. In Italy, Rome has just elected Virginia Raggi its first female mayor, cementing the anti-establishment Five Star Movement’s position as the major opposition to the governing centre left party. Germany’s regional elections in