Berlin Rocked by Nightly Riots From Left-Wing Extremists

AP Photo
Left extremists have taken to the streets of Berlin nightly, causing mass havoc in protest of being kicked out of a building they had been squatting in. The continuous nights of violence from radical left-wing extremists in the German capital was sparked by the forced eviction of squatters from the building known in the Berlin anarchist scene as “R94”. R94 stands for Riga Street 94, the address of the building which far-left activists and anarchists have been squatting in for decades. On June 22nd Berlin police moved to remove the illegal squatters, and as a consequence the far left extremists have been burning cars and smashing shops on a nightly basis, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine. The site is owned by British company Lafone Investment, based in the British Virgin Islands. The owners, who due to the threat of violence from the extremists, had to be accompanied by both private security services and the special branch of the Berlin police (SEC) in order to view the site after the eviction took place. The company says that they are interested in converting the bottom floor of the building into an asylum home for migrants. In the aftermath of the eviction, which the squatters referred to as “Day X”, there