Biden: Trump ‘Knows Nothing About Foreign Policy’

During an interview on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Vice President Joe Biden stated that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “knows nothing about foreign policy” and has foreign policy ideas that “make absolutely no sense.” Biden said, “Donald Trump knows nothing about foreign policy, and I — nor should he, based upon his background. But the thing that bothers me, Willie, is I don’t see any attempt for him to go out and get people who really know, on the Republican side, to be aware of — what is really — this whole thing about NATO. Now, everybody’s making a big thing and saying he’s a friend of Putin’s. I don’t buy that. But here’s what he’s doing, he’s playing directly into the hands of a guy who says — your father would tell you, his overarching goal…is to break up NATO and to fracture Europe, makes him stronger. So, here you’ve got someone coming along and saying, you know, unless Latvia pays their bills, first of all, they’re paying their bill, but, unless Latvia pays their bill, I’m not sure we’re going to honor Article 5 of a treaty that is the single most significant treaty in the