Breitbart’s Kassam On Brexit Poll Bump: ‘Populism Winning Across Europe… We’re Not Going Away’

Raheem Kassam
Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has said the recent poll surge for Leave in the European Union (EU) referendum campaign shows how ‘populist’ ideas on immigration and nationhood can win out over Establishment scaremongering. Speaking on Breitbart News Daily, Kassam said there is now “momentum” on the Leave side since Vote Leave, the official campaign group for Brexit, started focusing on immigration. “We’re looking at the major argument beginning to play out on immigration, on sovereignty, on nationhood and the big ‘populist’ narratives are really beginning to cut through,” he said. However, Leave are not home and dry yet as there has been a huge rise in the number of young people – who overwhelming back Remain – registering to vote. “We broke the news yesterday that the government alongside its partners in the BBC, in Facebook and a bunch of other left-wing institutions have been pushing mass voter registration among young people” who will overwhelmingly vote Remain. “I wouldn’t put it past the Establishment to have spent millions upon millions of pounds of taxpayer money registering voters who they couldn’t even be bothered to register for the general election for this referendum,” he added. The poll bump comes ahead of