Breitbart’s Kassam On Orlando: ‘Organised, Ideological Attack On West’

The mainstream media is misleading the public on the cause of the Orlando shootings and is trying to play down the fact the attacker was a Muslim, Breitbart London’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has said. Speaking on Breitbart News Daily this morning, Kassam said that the media are trying to spin that this was a “lone wolf” attack by an unbalanced individual while ignoring the Islamic beliefs of the attacker. “The lone wolf idea keeps coming back,” Kassam said. “It keeps getting pushed out by the media – angry young men, lunatic, gun control.” We should instead step back and take a look at what is going on: “Lone wolves in Paris, lone wolves in Brussels, lone wolves in New York, lone wolves in London – it doesn’t stop. This is not ‘lone wolfery’. “These are organised, ideological attacks on the West and I’m afraid I can say with some confidence these attacks are not apolitical.” Kassam drew a parallel with the San Bernardino attack, where Breitbart refused to toe the line on the media narrative and instead investigated the mosque the attackers attended. They found that they attended a mosque run by Tablighi Jamaat – a fundamentalist, proselytising Islamic sect