Britain Could Cut Immigration By 100,000 Without Hurting Economy, Report Says

Britain will be able to slash immigration by 100,000 per year after Brexit without damaging the economy, a new report has said. Migration Watch UK says that ministers should only give work permits to 30,000 highly skilled European Union (EU) migrants a year after Britain leaves the bloc, a number that would still allow businesses to recruit essential staff. The policy would put an end to the “open door” for unskilled EU migrants, thus relieving pressure on public services and helping push up wages for lower-paid workers. Migration Watch argues, however, that the restrictions need not apply to students, tourists, people on business trips and EU migrants who are retired. Alp Mehmet, Vice-Chair of Migration Watch, said: “A sensible limit on skilled EU migration would maintain the inflow of qualified EU workers who benefit our society and economy while allowing some room for expansion. “At the same time, closing our doors to low-skilled workers is also essential to reduce the scale of immigration and restore public confidence in its control.” Around 1.6 million EU citizens have migrated to the UK over the past decade, however Migration Watch says that only 22 per cent were either highly skilled or took jobs