Britain Is Full Of EU Criminals But Cannot Deport Them

One of the arguments the Remain campaign uses to justify EU membership is the supposed ability to deport foreign criminals. However, like the majority of arguments in favour of the EU, this is simply untrue. In theory the EU has created procedures to facilitate deporting criminals, but in practice this does not happen. This is not just the view of Get Britain Out. It is also the view of the well-respected Home Affairs Select Committee. The Chair of the Committee and Labour MP, Keth Vaz commented: “The public would expect our membership of the European Union to make it easier to deport European offenders, but this is clearly not the case, and we continue to keep thousands of these criminals at great and unnecessary expense. These failures are undermining confidence in the UK’s immigration system and in the UK’s EU membership.” The Home Affairs Select Committee recently released a report detailing the abject failure of the EU in facilitating the objective of deporting undesirables from the UK. They found the UK is home to over 13,000 foreign offenders (the size of a small town) with 5,789 of these at large in communities across the country. This is more than at any time since 2012, with 56 per