Californian Police Chief: Obama Running ‘Catch and Release Programs’ For Illegal Alien Criminals

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An illegal alien in California was arrested but was quickly released because of new liberal federal and state policing laws, allowing him to murder Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis a few days after release, Californian Police Chief Ralph Martin told a House hearing today. During his testimony, given Thursday at the “Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security” hearing, Martin detailed how Mexican illegal Victor Aureliano Martinez-Ramirez was able to escape jail and deportation prior to the murder. A federal court ruling permitted Santa Maria County to ignore an ICE request to hold Martinez-Ramirez in 2014. In 2015, he was merely cited for possessing meth, Martin said. Days before he broke into Pharis’s home, he was arrested and charged with a felony possession of a dagger or dirk, drug paraphanelia possession. He was also charged with “two misdemeanors, two $10,000 warrants, failure to appear, and violation of probation,” Martin said. But ICE did not issue a repatriation “detainer” and then he was released by the local police four days later. Four days later, Pharis was left for dead by Martinez-Ramirez and his thug parter, U.S.  citizen Jose Fernando Villagomez. Ramirez and his accomplice beat her so terribly with a